What Is Aquatic Therapy?

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Aquatic therapy relies on the unique properties of water to enhance rehabilitation.

Aquatic therapy refers to water-based treatments or exercises of therapeutic intent, in particular for fitness, and physical rehabilitation. Aquatic therapy relies on the unique properties of water to enhance rehabilitation. These properties contribute to therapeutic effects, including the ability to use water for resistance in place of gravity or weights; hydrostatic pressure that supports and stabilizes, and that influences heart and lung function; buoyancy that permits floatation and reduces the effects of gravity; and turbulence and wave circulation that allow gentle manipulation and movement

The purpose of aquatic therapy is to improve cardiovascular efficiency, increase strength and power, increase joint range of motion, assist in gait training and functional activities, reduce pain and muscle spasm. Benefits of aquatic therapy for the patient include the unloading of joints, decrease pain, improved cardiac efficiency, increase muscle strength, improved balance and flexibility.

When being treated by a physiotherapist, you will have the opportunity to be referred into their Aquatic Therapy Program. This is a group-oriented program that focuses on getting you back to living proactively.  

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