What are the benefits of having a personal trainer?

By: Tom McAleese, CPT, Oct 11, 2016
Personal Training, Diamond Fitness

How can it help?

Here are the benefits of having a personal trainer

Motivation – many people require someone to push them and make them work out

Accountability – since you paid for a session, you are much more likely to show up

Knowledge – personal trainers are educated in working out and can help you get the most out of each work out, making your time in the gym that much more effective

Competition -- Some people feel more motivated to get that last rep in or add one plate on the bar because the trainer did it – friendly competition can be a big motivator

Experience – Personal trainers have a lot of experience working out and can impart that on their clients, helping them avoid injury from bad form or overtraining

Tom McAleese is a Can-Fit Pro certified personal trainer since 2009 and Transportation Technology teacher since 1997. He is now the owner and operator of Diamond Fitness Personal Training in Simcoe, Ontario. Tom can be reached at: 519-410-2713 or diamondfitness@live.com