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Welcome to LifeStages Holistic Healing

Originally opened as Airdrie Reiki, Lifestages Holsitic Healing focus on a wide array of holistic healing practices and is located in Airdrie, Alberta. Clients can book their Reiki appointments online or choose from other holistic healings like Crystal Therapy, Chakra Balancing and Guided Meditations. Angel card and Guide Message reading are also offered. The business is home-based but also offers a mobility alternative for those wishing services in their home.

About Reiki

Reiki is a gentle-hands on approach to body healing. The Japanese practice of Reiki involves the client lying or sitting comfortably while the practitioner gently lays their hands on their body (head, back, neck, stomach, legs etc) and allows the flow of Universal energy to transfer to the client so that the body, mind and soul may heal.Reiki is very comfortable and many clients find they fall asleep! It is non-invasive yet very beneficial which makes it an ideal therapy for everyone!

As a client you may feel the following during a session:

  • Warmth from the practitioner's hands
  • Tingling sensations where practitioner's hands are or elsewhere on the body
  • Emotional (happy, sad, angry, relieved etc)
  • Release of stress, tension
  • Calm, at peace, spiritually in balance
  • Connected to your higher self

You may even have visions or have ideas come to you in the days following your Reiki session. Reiki helps to create good, balanced energy flow. It can help release old blockages and with that new ideas and thoughts can take form.I am registered with the Canadian Reiki Association and have my Reiki Master Level. Currently I practice out of two locations in Airdrie, Alberta, by appointment only, Monday-Friday.

Tamara Laschinsky, Airdrie Reiki Registered Practitioner

I've been in the natural health and wellness field for over 8 years now. I first learned Reiki and practiced on myself, family and friends over 10 years ago until recently I realized I could help so many more people. So I set out to refresh my skills and began my practice.My clients are amazing and each session unique and incredible! Hearing from my clients how they felt and what was going on during the treatment is always a gift to me, an affirmation that the Reiki energy is working as it should and for that I am blessed to have learned such a technique and am thankful for the opportunity to share it with those who need it!I am an author, a store owner, a mother and wife. I believe in learning as much as we can while we are here and I know there is still so much more I want to learn to do! It is within us to heal ourselves. Our bodies are designed to handle toxins and to combat disease, so long as we help it stay strong.

I believe with peace and harmony we can be a strong individual and overcome our obstables, enjoying every day with positivity and grattitude. We all have paths to travel and they all begin with one step!



Airdrie Reiki Sessions

A Reiki session can be 60 minutes or 90 minutes long. You are fully clothed during the session and can either lie on the massage table or sit up if you have problems lying down.We begin the session with a body scan, where my hands are about 4 inches off your body and I 'scan' for areas that need attention. From there, I began at your head and work towards your feet. My hands are lightly placed on areas of your head, neck, stomach, hips, legs, knees, feet anywhere from 3-5 minutes.

Sometimes the body needs extra attention in certain areas so I may stay somewhere a bit longer. Like every health practice, it may take more than one session to work on the condition you are coming to see me for. Your body will tell you when it's time to book another Reiki session. Many clients like to come once a week for a 60 minute session.Once your session is complete you will drink a glass of water in our office to ensure you begin rehydrating and it's important to continue to drink water regularly during your day. In the days that follow you may have important revelations or dreams so keep a journal next to your bed to write down any dreams you may remember!

You can learn more about Reiki, read testimonials and book your appointments online by visiting our website at

Contact Us


134 Reunion Court NW (By appointment only),
Airdrie, AB, T4B 0G9


Lifestages Holistic Healing Hours:


Monday - Friday  10am-530pm By Appointment only

134 Reunion Court. (Please do not just 'drop by' as this is also a residence. Thank you!)

I can also do occasional evenings and weekends, but those time slots are not available to book online. To book special appointments or same-day appointments, please contact me directly via email or phone 403.980.6346

SUMMER HOURS - in effect July 4th

Tues/Wed/Thurs  10am-1230pm



60 minute Reiki session = $80

90 minute Reiki session= $110


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