Ms. Ayse Hogan

Ayse Hogan is much more than a genuine caring certified healer. She’s a dynamic and passionate soul who is bursting to share how complimentary and holistic therapies can help people rise above even the most insurmountable challenges! She knows this through her own experiences. Ayse is a Reiki Master/Teacher. She is also certified in Past Life Regression, Interlife and Spirit Release, Thai Reflexology and is in the process of obtaining the Hypnosis certification.

She is the owner of The Chakra House of Healing Inc in Southampton, ON where she facilitate the process to bring balance to her clients not only practically but holistically…helping to balance their finances and their chakras and spirit. 


  Dec. 9, 2016

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PTSD Freedom

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  May 5, 2016

The Benefits of a Great Head Massage

There are many be benefits to a fantastic and holistic head massage. Firstly it is safe and healing.

  Sep. 17, 2015

Understanding Home Energy Cleansing

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3 Things You Didn't Know About Hypnosis

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Change the Way You Think About Dysfunctional Relationships

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Grounding Your Money Esteem

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  May 7, 2015

Benefits of Head and Foot Massage

Read to find out how you can benefit from head and feet massages.

  Apr. 8, 2015

My Spiritual Journey

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  Mar. 25, 2015

Money Rules

Think from the End!!! Decide where you want to end up and believe that it will happen, once you carve out your desti...