Taking care of your heart at any age

By: Feb 13, 2012
Taking care of your heart at any age

Tips for keeping your ticker in tip-top shape for life!

When is the last time that you took care of your heart? When is the last time that you even thought about heart health? Though you may think that this is something to think about when you get older, you can take important steps in the here and now.

Heart health isn’t just for people with family history, but something that affects all of us. Sure focusing on losing weight and feeling great is important, but there’s more to the big picture than that. If you want to enjoy good health and a functional heart (and who doesn’t?) then you need to think about it now.

No matter what age you are there are always steps you can take to care for your heart. This is after all your most important organ and therefore heart health is something to think about at every stage of your life.

The Under 30 Club
At this age and stage it’s all about being proactive. You don’t want to wait until you have a problem but rather take the steps now to get you into the prime heart health from here on out. This is all about skipping the junk food and turning to good clean healthy living.

If you don’t exercise then start and get into a regular regimen. If you eat junk food, limit it—not only for your waistline but for your heart too! The better habits that you can get into now the more likely you are going to be to enjoy good heart health throughout your life.

Though you hopefully won’t have to worry about this aspect of your health for some time to come, it’s wise to be proactive now. Taking the necessary steps to manage your health and to keep your ticker in tip top shape will only benefit you throughout your life.

Age 30-45
This is where things start to turn from proactive to prevention. Sure you are still young and loving it! Your heart however ages and it becomes even more important to take good care of it now.

If you haven’t already done so, then it’s time to get into a good health regimen. Proper diet and exercise are two of the most important weapons towards heart disease and other heart related problems. You also want to be sure that you are taking the necessary steps towards prevention by kicking any bad habits. Consuming too much caffeine, alcohol, or smoking will not be beneficial to your health and not help your heart. Get rid of the bad habits and replace them with good ones!

You also want to really concentrate on and learn how to manage your stress. This may be the biggest factor in heart attacks and therefore you want to learn how to avoid too much stress. Though this should inherently be part of a healthy lifestyle, it becomes crucial in your quest for proper heart health.

Age 45 and Up
The older you get the more likely certain health problems can become a fixture in your life. In this instance, you want to turn from prevention towards caring for your heart. Getting regular checkups through an annual physical and perhaps echocardiogram can be fundamentally helpful.

You should already be enjoying a healthy lifestyle, but you want to turn your attention towards recognizing warning signs. More women suffer from heart attacks or even succumb to heart disease in this age group than any other health problem out there. Know the warning signs to prevent any problems. If something doesn’t feel right or if you suffer from shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, pain down the arm, or any related symptoms then you need to get help.

Being aware of your risks and doing your part to lower cholesterol or blood pressure levels can help too. This can work towards prevention, but also bring down your risks for any heart or health problem in the process. The more you know, the better you can live and at any age you can always work towards the best heart health possible!