Pains you shouldn’t ignore

By: Feb 20, 2012
Pains you shouldn’t ignore

Recognizing these 6 types of pains could save your life.

As you age, aches and pains will become a frequent visitor in your life. They may come so often it is easy to ignore them and to go about your daily life. However, there are six key symptoms and types of pains medical professionals all agree you should never ignore. Knowing this list can save your life.

1. Discomfort in the Chest
Pain in this area is often indicative of pneumonia or a heart attack. Although pain or discomfort in this area can often be diagnosed as heartburn or acid reflux, it is imperative that a doctor be contacted. Prolonged or misinterpreted pain can often be the reason more damage is caused.

2. Pain Between Lower Back and Shoulder Blades
It is possible that pain in this area can be caused by joint, ligament, tissue, or muscle damage. However, there are many organs that lie in this area. Anything from a heart attack to gallbladder issues or certain types of cancer can manifest as pain in your lower back and shoulders.

3. Lower Leg Pain
Leg pain is easy to explain away. If you have been walking all day, or worked out a little too hard, it is easy to ignore the pain in your calves and lower legs. However, when this pain is accompanied with swelling or redness, you should seek medical attention immediately. Deep Vein Thrombosis, a serious condition of a blood clot, can manifest itself this way. Ideally, you want to treat the blood clot before it breaks away and heads towards the heart or any other vital organs causing an embolism.

4. Abdominal Pain
Abdominal pain can be difficult because it covers everything from your chest to your groin. Often abdominal pain is frequently excused away as food poisoning or heartburn. However, pain in this area can be indicative of appendicitis, pancreatic or gallbladder problems and should be treated immediately.

5. Severe Headache
Everyone gets headaches from time to time and you do not want to visit your doctor every time you receive one. Headaches that become so severe you cannot function though need to be discussed with your doctor. They can be indicative of other issues including ruptured blood vessels or brain tumors.

6. Tingling or Burning Foot Pain
Anyone who has worn uncomfortable shoes for long periods of time is familiar with the painful sensation at the end of the day. It is when that pain is accompanied with persistent tingling that it becomes a concern. Although not often thought of, diabetes can present with nerve damage, which may show up in your body as pain and tingling in the feet. When this persistent pain occurs, a trip to the doctor may be warranted.

It is easy to ignore the pains of daily life, particularly if you are an individual who has a very high tolerance for pain. Knowing the six key areas of the body and types of pain you absolutely cannot ignore or push through is vital as it can save your life or the life of a family member.