By: Feb 22, 2012
healthy tea's

Here are 11 different varieties of tea that offer very distinct health benefits.

We keep hearing that we should be drinking more tea, but why? If you have ever sipped your morning coffee and asked yourself why you should be turning to an alternative source of caffeine, then you may wonder what the big deal is. Sure tea offers a lower concentration of caffeine, but what else is so great besides that?

You might be surprised to learn that many types of tea out there offer very distinct health benefits. Though the benefits are as different as the tastes they can really help to add substantial impact to your health and your life. While you don’t have to give up your morning cup of Joe, tea may offer a nice little caffeine burst with far more health benefits than you knew even existed.

Try a cup and you might be surprised at how many great options there are. Here are some of the top choices that put pep in your step and will make your doctor happy at the next appointment.

1. Green Tea: If you are after weight loss, then this is the tea for you. Green tea has a natural thermogenic property to it. What this means is that if consumed in great enough amounts it can actually help to speed up your metabolism and help you to more effectively burn calories.  Green tea also has a good concentration of antioxidants which can help to prevent cancer and even boost the immune system. This natural lift is enough that many after weight loss and proper health are finding that they can’t live without their two cups of green tea a day.

2. Black Tea: This tea offers the highest concentration of caffeine, but is still lower than coffee or other caffeinated beverages. Black tea has been shown to be effective in keeping the lungs healthy and protecting them specifically from outside toxins and even second hand smoke.

3. White Tea: This is a very pure form of tea and therefore believed to be more natural. It also works well for those that aren’t used to tea but want to transition in. White tea has been found to offer specific anticancer properties. If you are somebody who has turned your nose up at tea in the past, white tea can be the most palatable and offer a nice entry way into the tea world.

4. Oolong Tea: The best thing about oolong tea is that it can really be helpful in lowering raised cholesterol levels. Many turn to it for high cholesterol problems and then find that it can really benefit their weight loss efforts as well. If you want one tea that packs a powerful punch then this is the one for you!

5. Pu-erh Tea: This is a lesser known tea and besides just a cool name it has been found to be of great help with raised blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The research is out as to its effectiveness towards weight loss, but if you are after better health or combating this type of health problem then you’re in luck here.

6. Raspberry Leaf Tea: Many pregnant women turn to this to help their labor along in a more desirable way. This tea can help to keep contractions going naturally for the overdue mother. It can also be of great help in making the labor less painful. Some mothers may even find that it helps with their milk supply when they are breastfeeding. This can be a mother’s best friend!

7. Echinacea Tea: If you’re sick of being sick then this is the tea for you! Echinacea has become such a popular supplement for keeping us from getting sick and ensuring health when surrounding by icky germs, that this tea has grown exponentially in popularity. This herb and type of tea can really help to boost your immune system and keep you healthy no matter what you may come into contact with.

8. Rooibos Tea: This is also known as red tea and it is a fermented variety that is a bit rarer than others. Found within the leaves of this tea are flavonoids that are believed to help fight off toxins and work as antioxidants. This is why many people have started adding red tea to their regimen. Red tea is a bit more bitter but may help you to stay healthy in the short and the long term.

9. Peppermint Tea: Forget those over the counter stomach remedies—this type of tea is all you need! If you are suffering from nausea in pregnancy or just have a case of diarrhea, this type of tea can really be settling and soothing to the tummy. Peppermint is a very natural stomach home remedy and in tea form it provides a very concentrated and very helpful natural dose of what your stomach needs to settle.

10. Chamomile Tea: Many turn to it for the taste, but this is a very powerful tea to sip. It can help with everything from diabetes to vision problems and may even help to prevent cancer. In the end it is very soothing and is therefore desirable but it may be just what your health needs.

11. Herbal Tea: There are so many variations and types of herbal tea and they are all instrumental in good health. Herbal teas such as hibiscus may help to lower blood pressure levels and ginkgo balboa may help to naturally boost your energy. There is a type of herbal tea for every taste and for every potential health problem, so stock up.