At home stain removers

By: Feb 10, 2012
At home stain removers

Make your life easier and cleaner with these handy stain-busters.

You probably think that some stains are a hopeless cause and that the item ruined is gone forever! Before you throw out that favourite shirt or try to cover up the couch sure that they will never be the same again, know that help is on the way. Truthfully some of the most effective stain removers can be found within your home.

Sure, there are plenty of stain remover products and solutions on the market. Almost too many, as the number of options can really make your head spin! Though there are some legitimately good products out there, you may only ever need what you find in your own home. The stain removers here are easy to find, easy to use, accessible, and inexpensive—perhaps that’s why people have been using them for years!

Before you trash another item of clothing or fear that new furniture is in your future, tune into these effective and inexpensive stain remover options that you probably already have.

Club Soda
If you have ever stared down at a rather intimidating red wine stain on light carpeting then you know what a terrible situation that can be. You will find it extremely helpful to know that club soda can be your best friend in this scenario. For just under $1 you can get a bottle of club soda and just a few dabs will take out red wine, coffee, or any other stubborn stains. It breaks down the source of the stain and helps the area to look new again. You simply can’t go wrong with this inexpensive and super easy solution!

You probably thought that vinegar was only for salad dressing—but it can be an excellent household cleaner. You want to be sure to use white vinegar which is the most effective and fortunately the cheapest too. Vinegar can help to take out food stains and even stains that pets may leave behind on carpeting.

It works best when concentrated with a touch of dishwashing soap and warm water as you end up with a powerful combination and solution to use on anything. Not only can vinegar help to take the stains out of virtually anything but it works well as a sensitive and helpful cleaner around the house too.

Ammonia or Bleach
Rather than buying some of the most expensive stain removers or cleaners on the market, turn to these two oldies but goodies. Ammonia or bleach both work really well and have been around for years. They can help to take out everything from rust stains to blood stains and everything in between.

You don’t usually use them together though you can as an everyday cleaner. No matter what you are using them for, be sure to mix a small concentration of ammonia or bleach with warm water and then blot for best use.

Dishwashing Soap
The very simple and yet very powerful dishwashing soap that you use on your pots and pans is an excellent weapon against stains. Use it sparingly and mix with equal parts of warm water and vinegar to get the stains out of carpeting, furniture, and yes even clothes. This type of soap works tremendously well when you are trying to get the stains out of your baby’s clothes when nothing else seems to work.

Lemon Juice
Lemon juice is good for so many things in cooking—and you might be surprised to know that it works well as a stain remover too. Though it can help with certain stains around the house, you will find its best use is to remove rust stains around appliances or sinks. Just a small concentration and a little bit of elbow grease can really go a long way in working away those hard to beat stains.

Stains will be a thing of the past and your budget will never be the wiser. These stain removers work in a very powerful way and you’ll be happy to know that they are right there in your home ready for the taking.