How to avoid weight gain after surgery or an injury

By: Feb 17, 2012
How to avoid weight gain after surgery or an injury

Fitness alternatives & a healthy lifestyle are key to making sure your recovery time doesn't affect your waistline.

You may feel that you are destined to a life sentence on the couch, but there is hope after surgery or an injury. You may need to change up your routine a bit but you can certainly avoid weight gain in either situation. Sure, you may not be able to sweat it out in your favorite kickboxing routine, but you can still find alternatives. Whether you are physically fit or just concerned about weight gain, you can protect yourself and ensure that injuries or surgery doesn’t make you pleasantly plump!

Don’t Give Into the Stagnate State

So many of us assume that any time there is an injury or surgery of any kind that we must rest and stay still—and that’s simply not true. Sure you do need to take it easy and get rest, but you can still find ways to be active. Where there’s a will there’s a way, and if you put your mind to it you can creatively keep off the pounds. There’s no reason to turn into a butterball, just use your noodle and tune into how you can keep the pounds away.

If you have a lower body injury then it’s time to focus on the upper body. Punches of any kind are not only good for muscle development, but also for a bit of cardio activity. Take to the weights and start lifting for your health. You’ll be amazed at how great of a workout you can get from lifting weights and this applies to any type of injury. No, you don’t need to bulk up but rather focus on really toning and developing the muscle. You’ll be burning some serious calories too!

If you have an upper body injury then just reverse it and focus on the lower half. Squats and lunges are your very best friend and they really tone up the caboose. Add some kicks and you will feel the burn throughout your recovery process…but in a good way! No matter what type of injury you have sustained you can almost always engage in walking or swimming. These are gentle activities that most doctors will clear you for and they can really help you to burn calories and stay fit throughout your recovery.

Adapt to a Truly Healthy Lifestyle

To balance things out you need to watch the calorie intake as well. Yes it’s tempting to indulge in some comfort foods to help you through recovery from surgery. While that macaroni and cheese and double chocolate chip ice cream may taste good, think of where it will end up—on the hips and the belly.

Don’t give into your temptations but rather look at your recovery as a time to really focus on eating well. Calories count even more when you are recovering. Choose your foods wisely and think of how healthy foods like lean proteins, whole grains, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables will not only help you to avoid weight gain but also to help you get back to normal.

Mind Over Matter

If you can get ahead of the cravings or the desire to stay sedentary then you will not only avoid weight gain but also maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yes, it does require a bit more effort to exercise and eat well when you are recovering from an injury or surgery but it will be well worth it when you can actually embrace the number on the scale.

You may even tune into a new type of exercise like yoga as you work through the injury so go in with an open mind. Stay focused, be committed, and remember that weight gain in recovery is not a certainty---you just may have to work a bit harder and be smarter but it’s worth it!