9 Ways to beat belly bloat

By: Mar 12, 2012

Simple but highly effective ways to combat bloating

We’ve all had the terrible occurrence of the belly bloat. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also leave you feeling awful. No matter how much you work out or how proper your nutrition you may find that this condition plagues you.

What if we told you that there were some simple but highly effective ways to combat bloating? If you want to keep that belly flat and avoid the bulge, tune into these helpful and relatively easy tips.

1. Stay away from carbonated drinks: Though a soda pop may sound good it’s only going to contribute to bloating due to the carbonation. Even sparkling waters or diet soda will give you the same results. The bubbles that you love will do a number on your belly and force it to protrude. If you are trying to keep the belly bloating away then avoid these beverages for awhile.

2. Don’t eat salty foods: Salt is single handedly the worst culprit when it comes to belly bloat. Foods that are high in sodium will immediately cause you to bloat. You do want to be mindful of your sodium content all the time but especially if you are concerned with bloating.

3. Don’t drink from a straw: You may not realize it but just drinking from a straw can have some dire consequences in the bloating department. When you drink from a straw you take in more air, which causes bloating.

4. Drink more water: It may seem counterintuitive but the more water you drink the less belly bloat you will have. Drinking more water keeps you feeling hydrated and keeps things moving along as they should.

5. Don’t chew gum: This is another little secret that many don’t realize until it’s too late. When you chew gum it causes saliva to accumulate in the stomach. You are also sucking in more air than your body is used to and this results in a belly bulge that is unexpected and hard to control.

6. Eat more fiber: When you eat more fiber you are less likely to get the belly bulge. If you have belly bloating it is often the result of constipation. Therefore if you want to cut down on this condition you want to ensure that you eat plenty of fiber.

7. Don’t eat too many gassy foods: Though you do want more fiber you want it in the right form. Some foods can cause you to have gas that accumulates as air in the belly. Foods such as beans, cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage can have a terrible impact on some people. Eat them slowly and if they bother you find other alternatives.

8. Eat slowly: The faster you eat the more you are gulping in at a time. If you slow down and chew your food thoughtfully you aren’t going to be sucking in air and therefore leaving yourself with undesirable belly bulge. You should be doing this for diet purposes anyhow.

9. Try anti-bloating foods and drinks: Peppermint tea, ginger, mint, and parsley can all help to prevent belly bloat. Try to eat these often, particularly if you have been subject to something that can cause bloating. They are quick fixes but should be part of the diet on a regular basis in the prevention of this condition. 

Making these small, simple, but highly effective changes can really help you to avoid bloating, particularly in the all too common belly area. We’ve all suffered from it but by adapting to these tips you can prevent it in the future and know what the most common causes are for future reference.