How to stop over thinking life

By: Mar 16, 2012
How to stop over thinking life

In order to find at least some semblance of happiness, you have to stop over thinking everything that happens or doesn’t happen.

When things in life don’t go exactly how you planned, it may seem easy to try to analyze the situation to determine exactly why things didn’t go the way you wanted them to go. Oftentimes, this leads to a lot of frustration on your part because there may not be a simple answer.

As a human, it is only natural to want to know the why, when or how about every little thing that happens in life. In order to find at least some semblance of happiness, you have to stop over thinking everything that happens or doesn’t happen. While this is often easier said than done, there are some things you can do to make this process a little easier.

Turn Passive Thoughts into Proactive Thoughts
Your first thought about a situation is the thought that determines how you handle a situation. If something bad happens to you and your first thought is negative or critical, it is often more difficult to overcome the situation than it would be if your first thought was a positive thought.

For example, if your boss doesn’t appoint you to head a big project at work, it is easy to think that she didn’t do so because you aren’t good enough. Instead of letting your brain go there think about the positives of the situation. Maybe your boss didn’t appoint you because you are a more valuable asset for an upcoming project.

Once you have begun to focus on the positive aspect of the situation, you can make a proactive plan to keep your life heading in the right direction. Since your boss didn’t appoint you to head that big project, focus on finding ways to show off your skills. If you know about an upcoming project, think of some ways you can help the project and make a presentation to show your boss. Proactive plans lead to actions and actions distract you from over thinking.

Give Up Your Expectation of Perfection
If you go through life expecting that everything will always be perfect, you will always be disappointed. When you are disappointed, it is only natural to start the cycle of asking how, why or even when. When you let go of expectations of perfection, you will find that you don’t ask these questions as much, and if things turn out better than you expected, you will be thankful instead of critical.

Practice Patience
Impatience is one of the main reasons why people over think situations. By learning to be patient, you take away the opportunity for over thinking. One common situation that leads to over thinking is when your significant other doesn’t answer the phone or reply quickly to a text. Instead of letting your mind wonder about what he or she is doing, simply wait. The reason could be something as simple as he or she was using the restroom, or maybe he or she had stepped away from the phone for a few minutes.

Once you begin to put these practices into action, you will find that it becomes easier to stop over thinking. Just remember that you will never be perfect in your quest to stop over thinking life, so be easy on yourself when you slip back into your critical thinking mode.