5 Seeds with amazing health benefits

By: Apr 18, 2012
healthy seeds

Learn how to incorporate these amazing little seeds into your everyday diet.

You may find it hard to believe that tiny little seeds could be packed with health benefits, but it’s true! We’ll introduce you to 5 seeds with amazing health benefits and show you how to incorporate them into your diet so you can reap all the rewards they offer while also enjoying a tasty treat.

Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin seeds aren’t only a favourite snack among the young and old alike; they’re also great for your health. Snacking on half a cup of toasted pumpkin seeds gives you almost your entire recommended daily amount of magnesium, which is beneficial in strengthening bones, improving circulation and more. They’ve also been shown to help lower cholesterol thanks to naturally present phytosterols. You can buy all-natural roasted pumpkin seeds (watch the sodium!) or you can get them from a pumpkin and roast them in the oven.

Chia Seeds
It’s time to stop associating Chia seeds with a funny little novelty you see on infomercials and start seeing it for what it is—a healthy must for your diet! Chia seeds contain high amounts of Omega 3 and Omega 6. These amazing little seeds have the ability to absorb large amounts of water which means that they’re a great way to help stay hydrated and the perfect snack for runners or the average person who works out and needs extra hydration on the go. Chia seeds are also known to help aid in digestion thanks to its gel-like consistency once combined with liquids. Unconfirmed reports also suggest that Chia can help a person to lose weight. These little seeds can be easily incorporated into your diet. Just sprinkle them on your favorite cereal, yogurt, or on a salad.

Sesame Seeds
Not only do sesame seeds offer a great nutty taste and light crunch to salads, desserts, and even your favorite stir-fry, but they also offer up a ton of health benefits thanks to being high in calcium which makes for stronger bones; and antioxidants, which are proven to reduce the risk of cancer.

Quinoa has become a lot more accessible in the last few years and you no longer need to head to a health food provider to find it as it can be found in most grocery stores now. Quinoa is a great source of fiber and can be easily enjoyed as a side dish and healthy alternative to the usual starchy side dishes. All you do is boil quinoa as indicated on the packaging and add any flavor you like. Since it has almost no taste when boiled on its own, you can easily combine it with fruits for a sweet treat too. Being so high in protein and low in fat, quinoa helps to fill you up, making it especially great for those looking to lose weight. It’s also good for the heart because it lowers cholesterol and is high in riboflavin which helps with migraines. Not bad for such a tiny little seed!

Hemp Seeds
Before you raise your eyebrows, you should know that hemp seeds are a complete protein and super-high in calcium. They have very little taste, which makes them easy to add to anything from fruit smoothies and yogurt to salads and rice dishes. They’re also high in vitamin E and contain approximately 20 trace minerals!