The worst beverages for your body

By: Apr 25, 2012
worst beverages

These types of high calorie drinks could be wreaking havoc on your weight loss goals.

Has this ever happened to you? After being faithful to your diet for three entire weeks, you step on the scale for some good news. To your horror your weight hasn't dropped at all, not even a pound! What's going on?

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe what you are eating isn’t the only factor that is keeping you from losing weight?  Have you thought about what you are drinking? Just like food, drinks affect your body, and many drinks are leading causes of obesity in our country. These types of high calorie drinks could be wreaking havoc on your weight loss goals. If you are drinking something other than water all day, it’s probably affecting your body.

The leading drinks people underestimate are:

  • Fruit Juice
  • Whipped coffee drinks and energy drinks
  • Soda
  • Frozen mixed drinks

Fruit Juice
Though fruit juice is sometimes nutritionally good for you, it can also be bad for you in large quantities, ecspically when sugar is added. Juice concentrates the sugar, therefore, has more calories in each ounce than soda does. One eight ounce glass of juice has anywhere from 112 to 152 calories. So, if you are consuming several glasses of fruit juice per day, you are adding to those love handles.

Whipped Coffee and Energy Drinks
You may think that coffee and energy drinks would help you lose pounds by giving you more energy to burn off those extra calories, but quite the contrary. Energy drinks have just as much sugar in them as a donut. If you are drinking several energy drinks containing on average 162 calories per can, you are definitely adding up some serious calories.

Coffee in itself; just plain old black coffee has no calories, but how many of you actually just drink black coffee? Most people add cream, sugar and sometimes even sugary whipped toppings. Do you have any idea how many calories are loaded in one cup of creamed, whipped and sugared up coffee? You've just consumed 280 calories or more in one beverage!

Soda has just as many calories as energy drinks and is probably consumed more than any of the above beverages. Because soda is such a common drink among people, it is one of the main contributors to obesity. Removing just soda from your diet can decrease your weight by up to twenty pounds (depending on how much you are consuming)!

Frozen Mixed Alcoholic Drinks
Mixed drinks are some of the worst drinks for you, some containing nearly 700 calories. Though these drinks often have fruit in them that is good for you, they contain way too many excess calories.  An entire meal can contain this many calories!

If you’re staring in the mirror wondering why all your dieting efforts aren't working, take a look in the fridge and see what you are drinking. Sticking to just water could be that important nutrition change that makes all the difference for you!