Easy steps to go green at home

By: Apr 06, 2012
go green at home

Make your home more eco-friendly one small change at a time.

Making your home more green may or not be your main priority, but there are several small changes you can make to help your home become greener and overall safer for your family.

Change your household cleaners
Changing your household cleaners is probably the number one way to make your home green. This helps the environment and it helps your family. Cleaners that are not green harm your body more than you may know. Take the pain out of cleaning, and make it a little safer for your family. There are several companies that are now selling green cleaning products that will certainly keep your home clean.

Reuse and recycle
There are some things that you should never recycle, like toilet paper and underwear. However, there are things around your home that you can reuse and recycle. Instead of washing your clothing several times, wear it several times before re-washing. Do not use disposable plastic for cups and plates. Instead, use reusable plastic around your home. You can also make your own cleaning products, so you are not forced to buy new bottles all the time. Make sure to recycle when you can as well. There is no sense in throwing away reusable items and allowing them to waste away in a landfill. You can also donate used clothes to your local thrift store, or consider swapping the clothing with others.

Plug all the air leaks in your home
One of the main reasons your home is not green is because you’re using so much heat and air conditioning. Go through your home and plug all the holes. This does not mean shove a sock in your husband’s mouth, but instead seal up windows and cracks in the doors. This will help you save a lot of money in energy costs. You could also replace your appliances, but we are talking about small changes in your home. Let’s face it; you have not won the lottery. Part of going green means also finding little ways to save money. 

Make changes one at a time
Notice that the above changes are all small. You help change your home by doing one thing at a time. Humans are not perfect and that means you cannot totally change your habits in one day. If you are used to doing things a certain way, then going green could be more painful than you thought. Start simple by changing your cleaners, recycling and sealing up the holes in your home. These are the best steps to take for you and your family.