Look instantly thinner with these easy tricks

By: Apr 20, 2012
Look thinner instantly

5 simple ways to look slimmer right now!

Who needs uncomfortable girdles and shapewear or even a dangerous fad diet to look instantly thinner when you can use these easy tricks instead? Read on for 5 simple ways to look thinner right now!

5 Tips to Make You Look Thinner NOW

#1 Wear Boot cut Jeans/Pants
There’s nothing like a boot cut jean or pant to elongate the leg and make you appear taller and thinner! A boot cut leg in the right length flatters because it moves slightly away from the bottom and balances out the shape of the leg, which is naturally wider on top. This creates a longer and leaner line that is universally flattering.

#2 Accentuate Your Waist
Forget where you “think” your waist is (you’d be surprised how many women have no clue!) and instead accentuate your real waistline which is the narrowest part of your upper body. Do this by adding a belt to a blouse or sweater or by wearing a dress or jacket that nips in at the narrowest part of your body. Even if you feel like it’s up a little too high, it will make you appear thinner and show off your shape in the most flattering light.

#3 Wear a Nude Heel with Skirts and Dresses
Not only are nude-coloured heels the height of fashion at the moment, but they also work wonders when it comes to creating the illusion of a longer, thinner leg. Pair a nude heel with skirts and dresses to keep from cutting off the foot with a darker shoe and instead create a continuous line. You can do the same by matching the color of your shoe to your stockings or tights.

#4 Wear a Structured Jacket
Too many women make the mistake of avoiding structured jackets and blazers in fear of adding bulk. They actually do the complete opposite! A structured jacket can balance out your shape and hide a myriad of flaws—even the lumps and bumps that you usually keep hidden under floppy sweaters! A structured jacket flatters by showing off your shape, creating the illusion of a smaller waist, and by not clinging to and highlighting your lumpier bits! Look for details like princess seams for the most slimming effect.

#5 Don’t Be Afraid of Fitted Clothes
You’re not fooling anyone by hiding under oversized pieces of clothing. As a matter of fact, you’re making yourself look bigger! Fitted clothes show of your shape and can even enhance it by not adding any unnecessary bulk or making you look shapeless. The key is to find pieces that are fitted without being too tight.

Bonus Tip:
You can have the most expensive and well-tailored clothing money can buy, but it won’t look perfect if you don’t feel good in it. Confidence is a must if you want to look your best and it’s something that will go even further than the best accessories or even a pair of Louboutins! Hold your head up high, smile, and enjoy being a woman to instantly look more attractive—guaranteed.