Beauty myths: True or false

By: Health Local Staff Apr 27, 2012
Beauty myths

Does shaving really make hair grow back darker & thicker? Get the truth on this and other common beauty legends.

Have you ever wondered if myths or old wives tales have any truth? Many of us grew up hearing our Grandmother say “keep doing that and your face will stay that way.” That one is a little far-fetched but let’s take a look at some others and either relieve ourselves of a life time of worry or finally decide never to do it ever again.

Crossing Legs Causes Varicose Veins
You see them everywhere people crossing and uncrossing their legs without a care in the world while you have been avoiding it in recent years as spider and varicose veins appear all over those legs you were once so proud of. Many of these leg-crossing people do not have varicose veins because the problem of unsightly veins is more to do with genetics than leg entanglement. You could be forgiven for believing the myth because putting pressure on the veins restricting blood flow would be a logical assumption. However there is no scientific proof that links leg crossing and varicose veins.

Shaving Makes Hair Come Back Darker and Thicker
This one will surprise you! No, shaving your hair does not mean it will grow back bushy and unbearable! When you shave your hair you are cutting off the tip of the hair, which is the finer end. As the hair grows back the slightly thicker shaft, cut bluntly gives the illusion that the hair is thicker – but actually it is not.

Wearing Nail Polish all the Times Makes Your Nails Go Yellow?
This one is true but there is no devastating long term damage. Nails are naturally slightly yellow. If you continually wear nail polish the nails temporarily stain and become more opaque. Buffing or applying a base coat before your favourite colour can remedy this.

Preparation H Deflates Eye Puffiness
The Creamy version of Preparation H can temporarily reduce puffiness but over time is no more effective than slices of cucumber or frozen tea bags. So save yourself the expense of a cream that ultimately will not eradicate bags under the eyes, get more sleep and moderate those allergies.

Plucking One Grey Hair Causes 10 More to Grow Back in its Place
No they don’t! The Vietnamese believe 2 hairs will grow back, the Italians say 7, and many people in the Caribbean islands will swear it’s 10, but only 1 can grow back. Each hair on our head has its own follicle, if we pull one hair out, one hair will grow back. The myth may have some basis in the fact that it takes a few months for the plucked grey to grow back by which time more have sprouted!

Washing Your Hair too Often Washes Out Natural Oils
There is nothing really wrong with washing your hair every day but it does cause the sebaceous glands to work overtime, creating more grease that you will want to wash out. Save yourself the extra effort and wash your hair less frequently. Children’s hair stays clean and fresh looking longer because it is not damaged by colouring and drying.

Next time you hear a myth your gut tells you doesn’t make sense, you’re probably right, but you have to giggle when you picture ‘old wives’ sitting around the stove concocting long tales that have plagued generations years later. Who were these ‘old wives’ anyway?

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