Bizarre beauty rituals

By: Health Local Staff Aug 31, 2012
weird beauty rituals

Women are willing to do some crazy things to be beautiful. Here are some of the most outrageous beauty rituals from around the world!

The French have a saying, “Il faut souffrir pour etre belle.” Literally translated it means, “One must suffer to be beautiful.” Women epitomize this sentiment, don’t we? We endure hours of dancing in heels despite knowing how dangerous and painful they are. Most women spend at least 15 minutes a day making sure their faces are perfectly made up, and spend ridiculous amounts of money on products that are meant to prevent aging and clear blemishes (but let’s be honest most of them don’t work). And if you are anything like most women, when you pass a mirror anywhere – at work, in a mall, in an office building or at the doctor’s office, you stop to examine your butt and wonder if it looks flattering in the jeans you’re wearing. Women are willing to turn themselves inside out and do some crazy things to be beautiful. Here’s a list of some of the craziest!

Placenta for What?
No doubt you have heard of acai berries used for their antioxidant properties to help purify the skin and fight cancer, and wheat grass shots to cleanse you from the inside out, however, would you consider placenta as a substitute for your daily glass of orange juice? In Japan they have invented a drink from pig placenta to nourish the body and keep women looking youthful. Placenta is packed with lots of vitamins and nutrients to grow a baby, so while there may be some logic to it, this is one beauty tip only a stomach of steel can endure.

Ants in Your Pants? No, Wait on Your Loofah?
If drinking the placenta of a pig isn’t weird enough for you, try this one. Body cleansing ant wash. Japan strikes again with another “interesting” beauty regimen. Apparently the Natural Expired Fruits Acids found in ants help to reenergize and bring life to otherwise dry and flaky skin. The formic acid found in these tiny insects can help to create a balance and newness to skin and supposedly it also jumpstarts a slow metabolism. So, the next time you’re having a picnic, instead of shooing the ants away, you might want to gather up those tiny little soldiers and rejuvenate your skin.

When a Bird Poops…
Make a facial? Neutrogena and Olay have nothing on the Japanese creators of this beauty gem. Once used to remove the makeup of geishas, the amino acid found in the droppings of songbirds has the ability to create a flawless picture-perfect complexion. So apparently the next time a bird poops on you it’s not just luck.

So Much for White Strips
Nowadays there are toothpastes, gels, bleaches and mouthwash, all created to whiten your teeth, brighten your smile and freshen your breath. But people haven’t always turned to oral hygiene in a bottle or a tube. Legend has it that Marc Antony swizzled with urine. Not relying on his own urine, apparently nothing has the perfect pH of Portuguese urine – this according to the Romans at least. Not as far-fetched as you might believe, created from ammonia and urea, urine has the ability to cleanse and prevent gingivitis. So next time you tinkle, save it so your teeth can twinkle.

Nothing Conditions Hair Quite Like Bull Sperm
Well, if you are going to consider exfoliating with ants, gargling with Portuguese urine, washing your face in bird poop and replacing the milk in your cereal with pig placenta, you may as well condition your hair with bull sperm. Like all sperm, a bull’s sperm is high in protein, which nourishes over processed hair like no other beauty regimen.

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