Social media and your relationship

By: Aug 10, 2012
Social media and your relationship

“Cyber stalking” your partner’s social media profiles can stem from or result in trust issues.

You’d think that social media and all of the other advances in the world of communicating would be a good thing for relationships, wouldn’t you? We can now get in touch with the one we love at any time of the day or night and rarely do we find ourselves having to wonder where they are or vice versa thanks to the ability to check in using several methods. As it turns out; there is such thing as too much of a good thing, especially when it comes to social media and your relationship.

Virtual vs. Real Communication
While social media may allow you to communicate virtually, it is no replacement for real live, face-to-face communication. Even if you’re connected to each other online and via your mobile devices; make a point of sharing some live face time every day. Intimacy isn’t something that you can share virtually and without true intimacy your relationship doesn’t stand a chance.

24-7 Virtual Access Can Rob Your Relationship of Excitement
Having virtual access to your partner 24-7 can rob your relationship of some much needed excitement if you’re not careful. Tweeting, texting and emailing makes it easy to keep each other updated on everything that goes on in your day, which means leaving you with little to talk about and share when you do finally see each other face-to-face. Part of the excitement in a relationship comes from your individual experiences, having a little mystery about you and sharing it with each other, so if you’re sharing your experiences as they happen you are leaving little, if anything, to the imagination and leaving yourself with little to share at the end of the day.

The Snoop Factor
How many times have you trolled your partner’s online profile or messaging contact list to see what he/she is doing or whom they are communication with? Though not as sinister as reading someone’s private emails or files, spending time “cyber stalking” your partner’s social media profiles can stem from or result in trust issues. It’s hard to resist snooping when it’s become so easy, but doing it means that you’re doing your partner, yourself, and your relationship an injustice. The most innocent things can be misinterpreted or make your imagination run wild, leading to problems with trust and unnecessary strife. Snooping makes you look petty, jealous, and untrustworthy which will inevitably take a toll on your partner’s feelings for you.

Protecting Your Relationship in Real Life
You don’t need to axe your social media accounts or ban your partner from your friend’s or contact list in order to protect your relationship from the effects of social media. Along with following the advice listed above, remember to respect each other’s privacy when it comes to emails and social media. While being “friends” and being able to communicate with each other online when the need arises is a must in a relationship, having a little privacy is healthy. The internet should be fun and a very small part of your relationship because anything more could spell trouble and make you wonder if you’re with the wrong person.