How to save on child care: 5 Tips to help you save big bucks!

By: Aug 24, 2012
how to save money on child care

Whether it’s paying for a babysitter or daycare; child care costs can really break the bank.

When people refer to how expensive it is to have children, the majority of the expense that they’re referring to comes from the high cost of child care. Whether it’s paying for a babysitter or daycare; child care costs can really break the bank and make it difficult for parents to manage. For those willing to think outside the box, there are ways to save on child care and we’re going to show you how with these 5 tips.

Turn to Extended Family and Friends
There is no more affordable way to save on child care than to enlist the help of your loved ones. Consider speaking to a relative or friend who stays home or works a schedule opposite of yours. You would be surprised how easy it can be to find someone who can care for your child while you’re at work, or to just drop them off and pick them up from school for you. Don’t forget to offer some type of compensation for their effort. They won’t take nearly as much as a daycare, if anything at all, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t offer or show your appreciation with a gift.

Take Any Parental Leave That You’re Entitled To
It isn’t just mothers who are able to stay home with the baby anymore; dads too can take parental leave to help with child care. Check with your local government and with your employer so that both you and your partner take advantage of the time that you are entitled to.

Live Close to Family
When planning your family, consider the benefits of living close to family members and the savings on child care that will result from it. Living close to family allows you to have someone nearby who can help you with child care when you need it.

Share a Sitter or Nanny
Consider sharing a nanny or babysitter with a friend or relative who is also in need. And if you don’t know anyone, look into local mommy groups or post an ad online or at the grocery store for other moms who might be interested in splitting the cost of a nanny or sitter with you. You can rest assured that there are plenty of them out there and more than willing to help you—and themselves—out!

Day Camps, Sports and Activities
Instead of paying costly child care, consider enrolling your child in activities and day camps geared at children of the same age. Not only does this provide them the opportunity to socialize, have fun, and develop their skills, but it also gives you free time to run errands or work. Local community centre's offer affordable options that are a lot cheaper than day care.