Celebrities who suffer from food sensitivity just like you

By: Health Local Staff Sep 19, 2012
celebs with food sensitivities

It may help you to know that there are a lot of famous faces out there who suffer from food sensitivities.

There are millions of people throughout the country who suffer from myriad food sensitivities. Some of these conditions include celiac disease, lactose intolerance and a number of allergic reactions to certain foods including nuts, eggs and more. For many people, they may think they are alone in this, as many of these dietary restrictions can make you feel excluded from the group, especially during meal time. It may help to know that there are a lot of famous faces out there who also suffer from food sensitivities and because they do, many of these conditions, and those who suffer from them, are finding a new respect when it comes to being aware of these sensitivities.

Weisz versus Wheat – Wheat Wins
Well known British actress Rachel Weisz has a serious allergy to wheat. This means no wheat, whatsoever. She has said that when she does eat wheat, she has debilitating migraines that can affect her for days. Many people group a wheat allergy into the same group as those who suffer from celiac disease, but they are not the same thing. A wheat allergy is much more common than those who truly suffer from celiac disease, which is a condition of the small intestine. When someone with celiac disease eats gluten, a protein from several grains, the lining of the small intestine is destroyed.

Celiac Disease Has Been Brought into View
Anyone who watches the daytime television show, The View, knows that Elizabeth Hasselbeck has been very vocal about her celiac disease. In fact, she has even written a cookbook about this condition and has really brought a lot of attention to this condition. Other celebrities have also been diagnosed with celiac disease including actress Jennifer Esposito. Although Miley Cyrus has not been officially diagnosed according to sources, she has recently announced that her recent weight loss has been brought about by staying on a gluten-free diet.

Do You Have Multiple Food Allergies? So Does Zooey
If you suffer from multiple food allergies and feel alone, you aren’t. There are many celebs, including actress Zooey Deschanel, who have been quite vocal about their allergies to certain foods. In the case of Deschanel, she cannot eat wheat, eggs or dairy. If you think that is bad, consider the fact that actress Gwyneth Paltrow has sworn off dairy, wheat, gluten, oats and corn. Paltrow has also stopped eating sugar and has, like Elizabeth Hasselbeck, released a cookbook of recipes that she loves and can eat without worry.

Determining Your Own Food Sensitivity
If you think you may be suffering from a specific food sensitivity, it is important that you find out soon. Continuously eating a food that you may have a sensitivity or allergy to could be catastrophic on your body. If you believe you have an allergy to a specific food or group of foods, you and your doctor should work together in order to attempt an elimination diet. You will eliminate the suspected problem food and monitor your symptoms. This can help to determine where your food sensitivity lies.

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