Foods that you should never feed your pet

By: Sep 14, 2012
foods that are bad for your dog

Some foods are extremely dangerous and can even kill a dog or cat.

We know that you want to be a good mom or dad to your beloved pet and you might think you are being loving and caring by giving them “people food”. In some cases, this is fine, as long as it is in small amounts. However, there are many foods that pet owners may be giving their pets that are extremely dangerous and can even kill a dog or cat. Knowing that you gave your pet something that harms them would be a horrible feeling. Being prepared and knowing what foods are ok for your pet and what foods can kill them is really the hallmark of being a responsible pet owner.

Most people know that chocolate can be dangerous for dogs. But just in case you heard it but weren’t sure, it is true. From seizures to death, chocolate is a huge no-no for your canine BFF. Some owners report that they routinely feed their dogs chocolate and nothing happens, but why chance it that yours will be the same? It isn’t as though dogs naturally crave sugar or chocolate. If you have ever seen a dog have a seizure from eating chocolate, that is lesson enough to steer clear of it.

Just Because They Do it On TV, Doesn’t Make it Right
Thinking back over the years and all of the stray cats that have shown up on various television shows and movies, in most cases, the first thing a person does is to give the stray cat a bowl of milk, right? This is not something that you should do in real life, however. Milk is not a treat, nor is it great to give to cats or even dogs, for that matter. Dogs and cats do not have enough lactase, which is an enzyme, to break down the lactose in cow’s milk. Giving your pet milk can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Watch the Salt Intake
Salt is important to have in a diet though having too much can cause problems in both humans and their pets. Pets tend to really like salt and will take it if they can get it. This tends to be more of a problem in cats as they usually have better access to counters and tables where salt is stored. Too much salt intake can cause diarrhea, vomiting and excessive urination. If your cat gets too much salt, it can also lead to salt poisoning, which can be deadly.

Grapes and Raisins Are Deadly
Most pet owners know that chocolate can be deadly to pets but many do not know that grapes and raisins can be equally as deadly. One grape or raisin probably won’t do much but the more they eat, the more dangerous they can become. These fruits can cause liver damage, which can kill your furry friend.

Taking note of the right foods that your pet can eat will help you to be a more caring and responsible pet owner.