Can castration really prolong a man's life?

By: Health Local Staff Nov 12, 2012
can castration make a man live longer

There is mounting evidence that men who have been castrated far outlive their fully intact counterparts.

If ever there were a scary subject to bring up around a man, it has to be the idea of castration. It is difficult to imagine that any red-blooded male would ever consider the idea of being castrated; the mere suggestion is likely to be his worst nightmare. Despite this psychological fact, there is mounting medical evidence that eunuchs, men who have been castrated, far outlive their fully intact male counterparts. While this might seem like a very strange fact, consider a recent study that was completed and published in Current Biology, a medical science journal.

Research into Ancient Ways
According to the research published, the authors took a look at the Yang Se Gye Bo, which are the genealogical records of the eunuchs charged with serving the Imperial Court of the Chosun Dynasty in Korea. These records covered many centuries and thousands upon thousands of cut males between the 14th and early 20th century. The researchers took a close look at a total of 81 eunuchs listed in the book and found that they all surpassed 100 years in age as compared to those who had all their male organs intact and only lived to reach 60-70 years of age.

So what does this mean to you as an average male with all of your organs intact? In the words of the research team who conducted the study, it simply means that as long as you are fully functional and producing testosterone, you are not likely to live as long. In their research it was noted that male hormones have a negative impact on your immune system. This in turn makes you far more susceptible to a number of medical problems, such as cardiovascular disease.

It has to do with your chromosomes; women not only have the same X chromosome as men, but thanks to their mothers, women also have an extra one. This extra X chromosome means that average woman is far less susceptible to numerous health issues. If you were to take the study on its face, the only way you as a male can level the playing field would be to remove the source of all the testosterone that weakens your immune system.

Surgery May Not Be the Best Option
Keep in mind that this report is only based on the evidence provided through historical documents that contained no information regarding the eunuchs’ lifestyle, such as exercise regimens, special diets and so forth. Does this really mean that you should go out and have the most precious parts of your male anatomy (which as you are reading this, you are likely clutching) removed in order to extend your life? Most likely not, while it is an entertaining and somewhat frightening thought, it is one that to date has not shown enough merit to make it worth investigating on a personal level.

In our modern society, you can achieve similar results by eating a healthy and well-balanced diet, which includes lots of green, leafy vegetables and no more than four ounces of meat a day, getting plenty of exercise, not smoking (or quitting, if you are currently a smoker) and cutting down on your alcohol consumption.

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