Living with T1D: Support at school

By: Nov 10, 2012
Juvenile Diabetes at school

JDRF develops School Advisory Toolkit to ensure every child enjoys the best possible school experience.

Children spend most of their days in a school under the care of their teachers and other school staff. If you are a parent of a child with Type I Diabetes (T1D), you know that the daily management of the disease requires understanding from your child’s school staff.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of Canada (JDRF), a global leader in the search for an end to T1D, understands the magnitude of your child’s care while in school. Upon the request of concerned parents, JDRF initiated the development of the School Advisory Toolkit, with contributions from members of the National Volunteer Outreach Committee and parents of children living with T1D. The information will assist you with basic, easy to understand tools that will support you in communicating with your child’s school.

The School Advisory Toolkit offers collaborative techniques for educators and parents of children with diabetes to ensure that every child has a safe and enjoyable school experience.

To request The School Advisory Toolkit please click here.