Greek yogurt recipes to boost your health

By: Jan 09, 2013
greek yogurt recipes

Here are some great ideas for incorporating Greek yogurt into your diet!

It’s the invasion that no one saw coming – the Greek invasion! But don’t worry, there are no armies of fierce Spartan soldiers landing on our shores or crossing our borders. Instead, this invasion is an invasion of tasty Greek yogurt.

Yogurt is a tasty and creamy treat, and a pretty healthy treat as well. It is a great source of protein and calcium, and also contains potassium, zinc, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. If you opt for the non-fat, Greek variety of yogurt, the health benefits go through the roof. In fact, non-fat Greek yogurt is one of the healthiest readily accessible foods on the market, and as a result it has developed a large number of fans.

Greek yogurt is made by straining the whey out of regular yogurt. This straining process leaves a product with significantly less lactose than regular yogurt, and significantly more protein. Greek yogurt also contains live cultures of probiotic substances that can help beneficial bacteria in our bodies to grow.

Greek yogurt can be enjoyed on its own, but it also makes a great addition to a variety of recipes, especially as a substitute for a more caloric ingredient. Here are some great ideas for incorporating Greek yogurt into your diet!

Green Goddess Dressing
Green Goddess salad dressing is a San Francisco favourite combing herbs and anchovies. There are many recipes on the internet for this distinctive dressing, most of which use mayonnaise, sour cream, or a combination of the two to create the dressing’s creamy base. Replacing these high calorie ingredients with Greek yogurt can transform a delicious but indulgent dressing into a delicious and healthy topping.

Chocolate Cupcakes
Is there any way that chocolate cupcakes can be healthy? Furthermore, could healthy chocolate cupcakes ever be delicious? Well, a great start to a delicious chocolate cupcake recipe is to use Greek yogurt to create your chocolate frosting. Greek yogurt and semisweet chocolate chips are all you need to make a creamy frosting perfect for cupcakes or even full-size cakes.

Potato Salad
The many healthy ingredients in potato salad are usually overwhelmed by the large amounts of mayonnaise needed to turn the ingredients into a cohesive dish. Mustard is one healthier substitute for mayonnaise, and Greek yogurt is another. Mustard adds a great spicy element to a potato salad, while Greek yogurt adds a milder, tangier flavour that many people prefer.

Meat Marinade
The tangy, slightly sour taste of yogurt makes it a great compliment to a savory meat. Use Greek yogurt to make a marinade that emphasizes all of that great flavour with fewer calories and more of the great stuff that yogurt brings to the table. Grilling or baking your meats after they marinate are the best ways to preserve that flavour.

Panna Cotta
We’ll finish off with a wonderful Mediterranean dessert – it’s not quite Greek, but it’s close! Panna cotta is a cream-based dessert often topped with fruit. While any recipe should still contain a bit of heavy cream, replacing the majority of it with Greek yogurt will create a sweet and smooth treat.