A spa experience that won’t cost you your rent money

By: Mar 01, 2013
cheap spa ideas

We’ve got some money-saving tips to help you save on your next visit to the spa.

Who doesn’t love a relaxing day at the spa? It’s a fantastic way to truly unwind from the stress and pressures of everyday life. Millions of women regularly attend a spa, not just for beauty regimens, but also to escape life for a few hours. Studies have shown that women who take time for themselves to indulge in a regular activity that relaxes their body and mind are less prone to disease, heart attacks and depression/anxiety.

Yet going to the spa regularly can be expensive. Many women feel that time at the spa is only for those once-a-year special occasions when their husbands give them a gift-certificate, or when they find a special windfall of money that allows them to splurge. It doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve got some money-saving tips to help you spend less money at the spa so that you can go more often.

1) The spa doesn’t have to be an all or nothing excursion. Some women think that the spa must be an expensive, day-long indulgence. You don’t have to go to the spa and get every single treatment they offer. It’s okay to book an appointment for a simple, half-hour massage. Also, many spas have full salon services. Unless you’re madly in love with your hair dresser, switch it up and begin going to the spa to get your hair cut and/or coloured. Another idea is to skip frivolous purchases and use the money for various spa treatments. Think that the gimmicky massage mat at the bed and bath store will help relieve stress? Try using that money for a relaxing hot stone massage at your local spa. Or instead of giving in to your co-workers pleas to purchase cosmetics and anti-aging products from their home-based businesses, take that money and go get a facial or have a make-up consultation at the spa.

2) Don’t be afraid to use coupons! Trust us, it’s okay. Many local spas will advertise specials or coupons online or in the newspaper. Keep an eye out for community coupon guides or local business directories. Often times – especially around the holidays – spas will offer specials and discounts to increase their business. Get on their mailing list, too. Sometimes they’ll send out special offers just to their regular clients.

3) Ask for gift certificates! If your mother-in-law tends to buy you sweaters you won’t wear or calorie-laden gift baskets, have your husband hint to her that you’d like a spa gift certificate instead. (Which will also give him the hint that you’d like this for a gift!) If you have a sister that always gives you a cheese-of-the-month subscription for your birthday, tactfully tell her that you’re trying to stay away from dairy, but let her know that you’re always finding ways to relax, and that a spa gift certificate would be much appreciated.

4) Lastly, don’t feel as if you have to head to the trendiest, priciest spa in town just because it has a great reputation. There are so many wonderful little spas that have fantastic services. Beauty schools are another option for those who are pinching pennies. Cosmetology students can provide excellent massages and facials with leading industry products for a fraction of the cost.