Writing a sympathy note

By: Mar 29, 2013
Writing a sympathy note

As long as you write from the heart, you are sure to be of comfort to the person grieving.

It’s hard to know how to comfort someone when they’ve lost a loved one and this can be the case whether the person is a close friend or family member or just an acquaintance. One of the best ways to express your sympathies is through a note, though knowing what to say may not always come easily, especially if you have never written a sympathy note before.

Here is some information that will show you how to write a sympathy note.

Thinking of You
No matter how well you know the person, letting someone know that you are thinking of them is always comforting and appreciated. Simply saying “I’m thinking of you” can be all that you need to express what you are feeling and comfort the person dealing with a loss.

Share a Memory of the Deceased
If you have a special memory of the deceased, then feel free to share it in your sympathy note. Whether a funny memory or one that is touching; sharing that memory can bring great comfort to the person dealing with the loss and show them how loved and wonderful the departed was to others. It is also a way to personalize your sympathy note and show that it was written from the heart and with true meaning.

Offer Your Help if Possible
If you live close to this person and feel that it is appropriate based on your relationship with them, let them know that you are able to help them in any way that you can and are available if they need you.

Don’t Try to Explain the Loss
“God has a plan” or “Everything happens for a reason” are common things that we tend to say to try to make others feel better when something terrible happens. Even with the best intentions though, it is not a good idea to try to explain the loss to the person who is grieving. Let them deal with it in the way that they want or need to. It will take some time before they are able to make any sense of what has happened and trying to do it for them could upset them further.

Keep It Simple and Tasteful
From the stationary to the words that you choose, you want to keep it simple and tasteful. This is not the time for jokes or for bold stationary. Don’t do anything that could take away from the meaning of your message which is to offer comfort and condolences out of respect for that person.

As long as you write from the heart, you are sure to be of comfort to the person grieving. A sympathy note can be help bring some peace to the person when they need it, which is why writing it down is always a good idea even if you will have the chance to see them in person or send flowers. Many people admit to re-reading sympathy notes after some time has passed since the death of a loved one and finding great comfort in them.