New uses for ice cube trays

By: Apr 03, 2013
ice cube food ideas

Make use of their perfectly portion-controlled size and convenience.

Though some of us consider the pesky ice tray cubes a bit of a nuisance and space-stealer during the colder months when the need/desire for ice cubes is at its seasonal low; some have found clever uses for their trays that you just may want to steal for yourself. Check out these new and delish ice cube tray uses and prepare to be in awe as well as inspired!

Leftover Smoothies
Instead of guzzling back the leftover smoothie in your blender after you fill your glass or trying to pass it off on your family so it doesn’t go to waste; empty it into an ice cube tray. Then when you’re craving a healthy, cool treat; pop a few chunks into the blender and mix with a little water or juice and puree.

Perfectly Portioned Purees
Whether to make all-natural baby food or desserts, divvying up puree into ice cube trays and freezing them allows you an easy way to store homemade purees or even leftover canned puree for future use. How’s that for all that leftover pumpkin pie filling every Thanksgiving?!

Sundae or Salad bar Fun
Bigger, brightly coloured ice cube trays or those in fun shapes are perfect for filling with sundae or salad toppings or even dips for parties. Simply fill with your favourite toppings and place on the table so your guests can help themselves. Smaller trays are perfect for individual use so that each of your guests can have their own for parties where casual faire and finger foods make up the menu. Great for fajita fixins’ too!

Better than Ice Cubes for Your Water
As a tasty alternative to ice cubes for your water; fill trays with lemon, lime, or even cranberry juice and freeze. Not only will it add a hint of flavour to water or other drinks and keep them cool, but coloured juice cubes also
make pitchers of water or even sparkling wine look pretty too.

Freeze Your Leftover Wine for Later
We are guilty of pouring leftover wine down the drain because it just sits in the fridge too long. Next time pour it into ice cube trays to use later for everything from sangria to your favourite sauces and other recipes that call for wine.

Mini Popsicles
Perfect for kids or for adults who want a sweet treat without all the calories of a full-size popsicle; add juice or even chocolate milk to an ice cube tray, cover with aluminum foil and poke small popsicle sticks or even toothpicks into each opening and freeze.

Try these or come up with your own clever uses for your ice cube trays. They’re inexpensive and chances are you have a few sitting in your freezer already. Make use of their perfectly portion-controlled size and convenience.