Figuring out your hormone type can help you lose weight more effectively

By: May 20, 2013
Your hormone type

Here’s a quick quiz to help you determine your hormone type and what you can do to lose weight more efficiently.

When we think of hormones we tend to associate them with moods, but hormones also impact our body shape and weight and even our food cravings. By understanding your hormone type and how it affects you, you could come up with an effective way to control your cravings and appetite and lose weight more efficiently. Here’s a quick quiz to help you determine your hormone type and what you can do to lose weight in the best way possible.

Look at the different categories and their characteristics. If you have 3 or more then that is your type.


  • You gain weight all over
  • You suffer from headaches/migraines, issues with concentration, muscle and body pain.
  • You often feel irritable, depressed, or tense


  • You gain weight in the belly, love handles, back
  • You suffer from bloating, acne and skin issues, trouble sleeping
  • You often feel you have an increased appetite and cravings, anxiety, excess stress


  • You gain weight in your arms, above the knees, and in the belly
  • You suffer from thin or dry skin, wrinkles, insomnia
  • You often feel forgetful, tired, unmotivated

What You Can Do

If you are the Moody Type: You need to balance your serotonin and dopamine levels. You can do this by adding more foods to your diet that contain tryptophan and tyrosine, such as: peanuts, brown rice, avocados, pumpkin and sesame seeds, almonds, bananas, and dairy products. Adding 50 to 200 mg of 5 HTP can keep your carb cravings down as well as help keep you from binge eating or feeling anxious.

If you are the Hungry Type: You need to lower your insulin and cortisol levels which can stop you from being able to lose weight, mainly belly fat and is also responsible for sugar and carb cravings at night. You can balance your carbs, proteins, and fats into 3 meals and 2 snacks a day to help keep your insulin in check. Drink green tea with your diet to lower the spike in blood sugar that’s experienced when you eat starchy carbs. Adding blueberries to a smoothie can improve your sensitivity to insulin by over 20 percent in just 6 weeks. Eat more white beans, carrots, cabbage, and barley which are rich in phosphatidylserine which lessens the negative effects of stress hormone on the body.

If you are the Sluggish Type: You need to increase your growth hormone, Melatonin, and DHEA levels. Take 0.5mg of melatonin before bed or add a rich source of melatonin to your diet, like walnuts. Improve your sleep by making your bedroom darker. You can also add a DHEA supplement to enhance your metabolism and increase your fat loss. 25 to 100 mg two times per day is recommended will give you the best results.

Making the right choices for your hormone type could be the answer that you’ve been looking for when it comes to finally losing weight.