The sandwich lovers guide to the best and worst condiments

By: May 15, 2013
healthy condiments

Choosing your condiments wisely can help you enjoy your favourite sandwiches without any hidden calories, fat, sodium, or sugar.

You don’t need to be a sandwich lover to know that condiments can make or break a sandwich. Did you know that condiments can also make or break your efforts when it comes to weight loss and trying to keep your calories in check? Turns out some of those tasty add-ons that make a sandwich so great can also be wreaking havoc on your heart or your waistline too! Use the following information to help you make your sandwiches better for you.

Mayo – You Could Eat a Donut Instead
Creamy and tasty as it may be 2 tablespoons of mayo has as many calories as a donut! That’s around 180 calories for a condiment that doesn’t really pack a whole lot of flavour anyway. Miracle Whip is closest to mayo if you’re looking for a substitute. It may not have any nutritional value whatsoever, but contains half the calories and none of the saturated fat.

Ketchup – Better than You Expect
We tend to associate ketchup with fast food and junk food, but ketchup is actually good for you. It contains Lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant that has been linked to the slowing of atherosclerosis for a lower risk of heart disease. The darker the ketchup the more Lycopene it contains. Organic ketchup gives you the most of the antioxidant per serving.

Dijon Mustard – Fancy Isn’t Always Better
Dijon lovers beware because this fancy condiment is misleading! While it may be low in fat and calories, it’s very high in sodium which is especially bad for those with high blood pressure or heart problems. Eating 1 tablespoon of Dijon has as much sodium as snacking on close to 70 potato chips!

Guacamole – The Good Fat!
Yes, guacamole is high in fat, but it’s the good kind of fat so feel free to enjoy this creamy and delicious addition. It’s a great substitute for mayo too.

Horseradish – Detoxify and Lower Your Cancer Risk
According to a study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Study, horseradish, thanks to its high amount of Glucosinolates may increase the rate at which your liver can detoxify carcinogens and actually supress the growth of existing tumors.

Hummus – Great in So Many Ways
Not only does hummus taste great on its own, it’s also a great addition to a sandwich. Its creamy texture makes it a good substitute for mayo and the chickpeas make it high in fiber and low in calories.

Pesto Perfection
Pesto, which happens to taste incredible with grilled chicken breast, is high in monosaturates and antioxidants thanks to the pine nuts, olive oil, and basil in pesto.

Mustard isn’t just great on burgers and ‘dogs but it’s also good for your health. As long as you don’t overdo it, which could irritate your stomach; mustard works as a digestive aid that can neutralize toxins and ease an upset stomach. It’s also believed to improve circulation and have antiseptic properties.

Choosing your condiments wisely can help you enjoy your favourite sandwiches and other foods without any hidden calories, fat, sodium, or sugar.

Bon appétit!