10 Unique and creative Mother’s Day gift ideas

By: May 03, 2013
Mother’s Day gifts

Here are 10 ideas that’ll make your mother smile on her special day.

Forget the usual bouquet of flowers and a card and instead give your mom something unique and creative for Mother’s Day. Here are 10 ideas that’ll make your mother smile on her special day.

1. Herbs
In lieu of flowers or a plant, plant her favourite herbs in some ceramic pots that are just the right size for resting on a windowsill. To dress them up, add a chalk label to each on with a personalized message for your mom or wrap each one is a fun tea towel.

2. A Photo Book
Gather your favourite mom-related photos, scan them, and then upload them to one of the many sites that allow you to order personalized photo books. These hardcover books allow you to upload photos and add captions. The end result, depending on the service you use, is a professional-looking picture book like something you’d find in a bookstore.

3. Enroll Her in a Class
Moms are always putting everyone else first, so why not enroll her in a workshop or class that’s all about her and something she loves? Think pottery, cooking, or language lessons.

4. Kidnap Her for a Day of Fun
Show up at your mother’s place when she’s not expecting you and drag her—nicely, of course—out the door for a day of fun that’s all about her! Take her to another town for a day of exploring, shopping, and good food or head to a spa for some pampering. Bonus points if you get her to do something that’s she’s always dreamed of doing but never had the nerve to try, like rock climbing or karaoke!

5. A Dinner Cruise
Whisk her away for lunch/dinner cruise. It’s way more fun than just taking her out to the usual restaurant for Mother’s Day brunch and there’s usually dancing and cocktails!

6. Girl’s Night in and Slumber Party
Chances are it’s been ages since your mom enjoyed a night gossiping and pigging out with the girls. Call up her best friends in advance and make arrangements to meet at your home or even a hotel room where she’ll be met with a new pair of PJs (something fun and crazy!), pizza and snacks, beauty products for DIY facials, and a stack of romantic comedies. Just remember to plan it for a night leading up to Mother’s Day since her friends likely have their own special plans for the actual day.

7. A Mixed Tape—These Days Known as a CD or Playlist
Come up with a list of her favourite songs from “her time” and add them to a CD or create a playlist on her MP3 player or iPod. This sentimental trip back in time will remind her of you and of special times gone by when she plays it.

8. Gift Cards to a Local Café
Getting her gift cards from the local Starbucks or other café will encourage her to treat herself to a little “me time” and cup of coffee. Add a pretty journal and pen or a novel to enjoy when she goes.

9. Have Her Car Professionally Detailed
It would be nice to be able to surprise her with a new car for Mother’s Day, but since that’s a tad pricey you can instead have her car professionally detailed and surprise her with it.

10. Pack Her Freezer with A Week’s Worth of Healthy Meals
Spend a day cooking up a storm and then package and freeze a week’s worth of healthy meals for her. Be sure to add a label to each container that not only tells her what it contains but also how much you love her. Your mom will love anything you give her, but one of these ideas may just blow her away!

Happy Mother’s Day!