5 Unique Father's Day gift ideas he’ll actually love

By: Jun 07, 2013
Father's Day gift ideas

Let one of these gift ideas blow him away this June 16th.

Showing dad you love him on his special day doesn’t mean having to buy him a tie or take him for brunch again. If you really want to wow him this year, here are 5 unique Father’s Day gift ideas that any dad would love.

A Hammock
Father’s Day happens to come at the perfect time of year for this gift. With summer almost officially here, most of us are dreaming of hot lazy days and most dads could use a little relaxation. A hammock that can be suspended from trees, posts, or even a special hammock frame is a great gift for any man. Who better deserves a special place to relax and enjoy the warm weather than your dad?

A Fishing Weekend
There’s no better way to bond with dad than a traditional fishing trip. You don’t even need to be good at it to give your dad—and you too—a weekend that will be cherished forever. Clear your weekend, book a cabin or even camp site at a lake not too far away and whisk your dad away for a weekend of nothing but fishing, playing cards, and sitting by the fire. Bonus points if you pack a cooler full of his favourite food and drinks.

Custom Sports Card
If your father is a sports fan then custom sports cards could be the best and most unique Father’s Day gift for him. A quick internet search will turn up dozens of sites that let you make your own sports cards using a picture of your choosing. All you need is a photo of your dad.

A Fun New Experience
Regardless of his age, your dad will always appreciate a new experience enjoyed with you. A few suggestions: a sports event, a lunch/dinner cruise, a wine tasting tour. When planning, just be sure to keep any of his special needs in mind such as mobility issues so you can plan accordingly.

Have His Car Detailed
Men fall into two categories when it comes to their cars: those who love to spend time on their cars and those who can’t be bothered. Regardless of which your father falls in to, he is sure to appreciate having his car professionally cleaned. Take it in for him or give him a gift certificate to have it done. Either way dad’s going to love having someone else make his car look and smell like new.

Let one of these unique Father’s Day gift ideas blow him away this June 16th.