5 Ways to look better in your swimsuit

By: Jun 28, 2013
How to look thinner in swimsuit

Simple ways to make your body look instantly thinner in your swimsuit.

Forget depriving yourself silly just to look good in your bikini or swimsuit this summer! There are easy things that you can do to almost instantly make your body look better in a swimsuit.

Watch Your Posture
Standing tall and straight instantly makes you look longer and leaner and can even help you avoid the look of extra rolls and wrinkles in your belly area. When laying by the pool or on the beach, lie on your back as it instantly flattens the tummy. Keep your feet flat and bend your knees slightly so that your legs aren’t pressed against the ground and spread out, making you look effortlessly leaner while still being quite comfortable.

Choose the Right Swimsuit
Even if you hate shopping for swimwear, investing some time into trying on different styles and sizes is important if you want to look good. Look for styles that flatter your body type and try them on in different sizes. Not all brands and styles fit the way you think they should and with a lot of swimsuits going a size smaller fits better. Looks for styles that show off your best assets as opposed to choosing styles to hide the parts you don’t like. If you have a large bust, the right support will keep you in place so that your torso looks leaner. Short legs look longer and thinner with a higher-cut leg line. And, it isn’t just black that slims and flatters; the right print can work wonders for camouflaging any lumps and bumps. The key is try on as many suits as it takes to get to know what works for your body and what doesn’t.

Self-Tan Your Imperfections Away
Applying a little self-tanning lotion will always make you look better in a swimsuit. It safely gives the skin a healthier glow while also helping to minimize the appearance of imperfections like cellulite, spider veins, and uneven skin. Sunless tanning creams and lotions are available in all kinds of price points and some are even combined with ingredients that help to slim and smooth the appearance of cellulite while adding some sun-kissed colour to the skin.

Cut Back On Salt
Too much sodium in your diet can cause you to retain water and look puffy and bloated—not what you want when in a bikini! Skip adding extra salt to your meals and check for hidden sodium in the things that you eat and drink by reading labels. Keep your sodium intake to a minimum and increase your water intake to keep from looking bloated.

Oil Yourself Up
There’s a reason why professional bodybuilders and swimsuit models apply oil to their skin before hitting the stage or a runway. Skin that is shiny appears to glow and look healthy as well as slimmer and more toned. Choose sunscreen in oil form so you can enjoy looking great while also protecting your skin from the sun.