Bad gym etiquette and how to deal

By: Jul 12, 2013
Behaviour at the Gym

Handling bad gym behaviour can be done with tact.

Did you know that there is etiquette in the gym, both good and bad? If you have experienced bad gym behaviour by a workout neighbour, you understand just how annoying the problem can be.

Handling bad gym behaviour can be done with tact. You don’t have to return rude behaviour by being rude yourself, but can respond in a respectful manner – even when someone else is not respecting your gym space.

Handling the Space Invader Problem

What is a space invader? It isn’t a terrestrial being, but at the gym can be one of the most toxic creatures you’ve ever encountered. Whether you are on a yoga mat or taking a Zumba class, the individuals that park themselves too close can cause pain and suffering. If you’ve been smacked in the back by a fellow gym-goer, a tactful response is important.

It’s okay to confront the problem in a nice way. Most people are not trying to deliberately be rude. Remember this concept when responding to the space invader. Point out that you need a bit more room and ask if they could please move down. When politeness fails, simply walk away and find another spot. If the conversation becomes heated, seek higher gym authority, such as a manager or personal trainer.

Avoiding the Loud Talker

Your minding your own business on the stationary cycle, engrossed in the latest health magazine, when a woman next to you begins shouting at her kids on the cell phone. This is just one scenario that can aggravate and irritate when exposed to a loud talker at the gym.

What is the solution for handling the loud and distracting individual? Tact and politeness. Simply ask in a polite tone if they could keep their voice down because you are really trying to focus. Most people will respond kindly, but if you are faced with a rude reply, simply get up and move machines.

The Potent Patron

Everyone smells from time to time, especially after a hard workout. However, there are times at the gym when strong perfume or cologne is used on patrons to mask the awful body odour. There is no way to tell someone they smell in a comfortable manner.

If you are faced with a smelly neighbour, move away if possible without making it too obvious. Avoid plugging your nose and sighing loudly. This will only draw attention to an otherwise uncomfortable situation. If you are in tight quarters and there is no way around the smell, covertly discuss the issue with a gym manager who has the authority to bring the problem to the customer’s attention. Most of the time, the smelly individual is oblivious to the problem and the help of a manager can quickly improve the situation.