Easy steps to cheat proof your relationship

By: Jul 19, 2013
Cheat Proff Your Relationship

Strengthening your marriage or relationship takes work and dedication.

Think your partner may have a wandering eye? Feeling uneasy about the possibility of infidelity and want to do something about it? Strengthening your marriage or relationship takes work and dedication.

Rather than sniffing out the signs that your partner is cheating, take the steps to improve the relationship so that infidelity is not even on the radar. Here are helpful and easy steps that can be taken to cheat proof your relationship.

1. Touch often

Touching doesn’t have to mean sex. In fact, marriage experts say that touching your partner in a non-sexual manner every single day raises levels of oxytocin in the brain. Oxytocin is known as the bonding hormone that gives a couple a feeling of closeness and connection. A little pat here and a light nuzzle there, does a world of good for any relationship.

2. Make communication a top priority

Communication must be a top priority for any relationship to survive the bumps and turns of togetherness, not to mention life. A couple that talks stays close. A couple that doesn’t communicate on a regular basis, drifts apart and finds their connection elsewhere. When a couple is busy with work, home management, kids and other activities, unresolved issues can climax, leaving problems in a relationship. The best way to resolve conflict is to communicate in an effective way.

3. Watch your tone

Communication only works if your tone is kind and not curt. Rather than snipping at one another or jabbing with sarcasm, flirt and build-up – don’t tear down. If you have to, establish a rule that mean-spirited jokes and humour should not be allowed and certainly not directed at one another. Put-downs only hurt, even when in jest. It is better to poke fun in light, warm and sensitive manner. Tone is everything in communication and a relationship.

4. Dwell on the why

When is the last time you thought about why you love your partner? Have you talked about why you appreciate one another lately? If not, now is the time to start. Grab a glass of wine and take a stroll down memory lane. Don’t bring up past hurts, but enlighten each other on why you are satisfied in your relationship.

5. Offer each other some space

For women, this may seem counterproductive. Especially if you’re nature is to be a bit overbearing or controlling. Rather than smothering your partner, take a step back and allow him to breathe. When one person is too dependent on the other, they often expect more than that person can give. The result? Fighting. Back away, allow your partner some space and rely on a solid support system of friends and family if needed.