Back-to-school shopping tips that will save parents money without sacrificing style

By: Aug 16, 2013
Save on Back to School Shopping

With a little creativity and a whole lot of common sense, you can salvage your budget.

It’s no secret that parents spend a lot of money on getting their children ready for school. Canadians with kids in pre-K to 12th grade spend, on average, $325 on school supplies alone. From clothing to the newest electronics teens are throwing tantrums for, money savings are available if you know where to look.

With a little creativity and a whole lot of common sense, you can salvage your budget rather than sacrificing it. Here are some helpful tips:

School Supply Savings

Now it’s time for parents to do their homework and research retailers in their city and beyond. Hundreds of stores offer slashed prices on scholastic supplies. Many local retailers compete for business by providing discounts up to 70% on select items. By taking advantage of these great buys, parents can save a lot of money.

Saving on school supplies is extremely important if you have more than one child. If you see a great buy on glue, scissors or paper, don’t purchase just one – buy more than one and keep them in storage until your little ones can use them later on. You will be glad you did when the time comes.

Clothing Cost Cuts

Clothing can be one of the most expensive back-to-school items purchased, especially for tweens and teens. Does your 9th grader demand a pair of Ugg boots or $200 jeans? Without sacrificing style, there are ways to provide fashionable clothing at a reasonable teenage-income.

Search your area for local consignment shops and used-clothing stores that only carry name-brand clothing. The items are gently worn and sold at nearly 80% off the regular price. Instead of paying $175 for high-end boots, you may find a similar pair for just $30.

Trim the Fat on Techie Toys

Refurbished electronics are becoming more and more possible and popular. EB Games is just one of the electronic stores that offers used items at a discounted price. Rather than paying retail price for a new game, phone or iPod, parents can reap 60% savings on refurbished items.  Most of these techie toys come with their own warranty and protection plan.

In today’s market, there is no reason to fork over the cash for laptops and printers at sticker price. Even Apple offers its valued customers access to the online refurbished store. Laptops, desktop computers, phones and other gadgets can be purchased from the refurbished departments to save you hundreds of dollars. The items have been thoroughly inspected and are like new when available.

The only downside is that the most popular items are sold first-come first-serve. Remember the early bird gets the savings. It pays to be alert, shop around and do complete your homework.