Need a boost of confidence? 7 Tips for raising self-esteem

By: Aug 23, 2013
Improve Self Confidence

Simple steps and self-care can provide you with a significant boost in self-esteem and confidence.

A low self-esteem can impact your job, relationships and life. One snarky comment about your crooked smile or double chin can send you down the path of self-doubt, distress and even depression. If you’re feeling down, here are some ways to give you that boost you need to stand tall and take charge.

1. Brighten your smile

If you’re self-conscious about showing off your teeth, brighten them up with some over-the-counter strips. Unsightly stains can make your smile dull and toxic. If you have the opportunity and resources to see your dentist be sure to ask what kind of methods are available for whitening up your smile. White teeth are well worth the investment.

2. Change your lipstick colour

Bright lipstick exudes confidence. Don’t overdo, but change your pale and pasty gloss to coral, fuchsia or scarlet red. By doing so, you’ll brighten your eyes and overall complexion.

3. Smile more often

A nice full smile plumps up your face and improves wrinkling. Keep smiling if you want others to perceive you as confident and happy. Don’t worry about causing facial lines; simply use a cream that repairs the skin

4. Get some exercise

Even if it’s just a brisk walk in the park, exercise does the body and mind a world of good. A small does of physical activity is a great stress reliever and can leave you in a better mood. According to research, those who exercise have more confidence and focus. Those who get 30 minutes of outdoor activity daily, function better on the job and in life than those who unwind behind the television or computer screen.

5. Surround yourself with positive vibes

From music to people, surrounding yourself with positivity changes your outlook on life. Read uplifting emails, have lunch with friends who make you laugh and spend time with your loved ones. You will come away feeling good about yourself.

6. Get a new outfit

Shopping for a new outfit can be a great stress reliever, but wearing it gives you that added confidence. Don’t go overboard and change the entire wardrobe or exhaust your budget or the new clothing could have the opposite effect.

7. Get your hair done – professionally

A new style, highlights or colour can help freshen your look and give you that confidence you’ve been longing for. When others notice and start offering up the compliments, you’ll feel even better about yourself. If you’re starting to feel older, make sure you rid the grey by colouring the roots. Lightening your hair tone and colour can take years off of you. According to the spokesperson for Clairol, women who routinely care for their hair feel better about their appearance than those who don’t.

Simple steps and self-care can provide you with a significant boost in self-esteem and confidence. Pay attention to the cues when you feel down and change the way you look, feel and act overnight by following these easy tips.