Can bad habits really be good for your health?

By: Health Local Staff Sep 30, 2013
Bad Habits and Your Health

Taking care of yourself and improving your health can come from some unlikely sources.

From not making your bed to blowing bubbles with your gum, bad habits may be saving your health. So stop beating yourself up because you can’t kick your Facebook addiction and learn how these vices that have been deemed naughty may actually be benefitting your health.

The Case for the Unmade Bed

Not a neat freak? Forget to make your bed on most mornings? That’s okay because a university study recently showed that dust mites, which promote allergies and asthma attacks, are less likely to survive living in unmade beds. The conditions are less than optimal because the bed is too warm and dry. So, if you only dust once a year, you may want to avoid making your bed too. Just remember to close your bedroom door when company arrives – especially your mother.

Chewing Gum in a Meeting

Your mother may have told you to spit out your gum or to quit chewing so loudly, but did you know that gum chewing actually helps increase blood flow to your brain? That’s right. Chewing gum promotes focus and causes you to be able to think sharply and be more alert. If you’re tired of falling asleep in your boss’ weekly meetings, pop a piece of gum and outshine the rest of the group with your wit, focus and note-taking ability.

Eat Dessert for Breakfast

This may be a bit misleading, but having a small treat that is high in carbohydrates and contains a splash of sugar may actually curb your appetite later on in the day. A small treat like a cookie, eaten with a high-protein food, like eggs, may keep the weight off in the long run. This doesn’t excuse that fourth donut consumed by noon, but may give you just the right dose of sweetness to curb your cravings for sugar later on. Breads that are rich in carbohydrates, such as toast, should always be paired with high protein foods sources.

Waste Some Time on Facebook

Do you feel like social media is sucking all of your time? Taking a brain break for a few short minutes during the day to surf your friends’ status updates and vacations photos may actually do more good than harm. No, you shouldn’t advertise the health benefits at your next meeting with the boss, but studies do show that viewing relaxing photos and reading notes from loved ones can help you feel better throughout the day. The key is to keep the time spent on social media short and sweet. Don’t get too engaged in the political banter and start a Twitter war. Rather, view the information that makes you feel good and then get back to work.

Taking care of yourself and improving your health can come from some unlikely sources. Have fun and quit beating yourself up. Life is just too short.

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