Surprising things women do that harm their health

By: Oct 07, 2013
Surprising things women do that harm their health

Women may be sabotaging their health without even knowing it.

You don’t stay up late watching television, you're the first of your friends to volunteer as the designated driver, and you work out at the gym several days a week, but before you announce how healthy you are, take a closer look at your daily habits. Women may be sabotaging their health without even knowing it.

Below are some of the common practices of women that can actually be harmful to their health. You may be shocked to hear how these common habits can affect your well-being.

1. Squeezing into your skinny jeans

Did you know that wearing tight fitting pants can promote yeast infections? Women’s health specialists from Vancouver have shown how common it is for women to get recurring yeast infections from the simple practice of wearing tight pants. When trousers are tight, heat and moisture can get trapped, leaving you with a sore and itchy sensation indicative of a yeast infection. This can be true of pajamas as well. In order to relieve symptoms, wear looser fitting clothes and go commando at night.

2. Wearing killer heels

Sexy footwear can lead to hideous deformities, such as ingrown toenails, hammertoes, and bunions. While they may look good at the time, chronic heel wearers may suffer from pain and soft tissue damage, or worse over the long haul. The remedy is to look for flatter heels that won’t put pressure on the forefront of your foot.

3. Close encounters of the sexual kind

No, this isn’t an article on abstinence, but many women have a bad habit of allowing their oral contraceptive to take the place of a condom. When a woman foregoes the condom, they open themselves up to a variety of sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Why suffer from STD fear following your encounter? Add the condom to your sex life.

4. Beautifying your eyes with coloured contact lenses

Longing to turn your brown eyes blue and create an entirely new look? Before you get your hands on non-corrective coloured lenses, it is important to be aware of their impact on your health. These types of lenses are not sold with a prescription and often found in costume shops. The lenses are not custom sized to fit your eye and can lead to problems with the cornea. Corneal ulcers may develop, which often lead to infection when not treated. Horrific cases of chronic coloured lens wearers have even results in blindness.

5. Not changing your tampon regularly

This practice should be well embedded in our brains, but women often forget just how critical changing your tampon regularly is to our health. In today’s world, it is easy to get wrapped up in work, family and other daily activities that cause you to forget all about changing your tampon. Disease, infection and other problems may arise.

There is more to health than meets the eye. Paying attention to the details of our lives may keep us healthier and happier for many years to come.