Making hotel stays healthier

By: Oct 21, 2013
Making hotel stays healthier

Here are some easy fixes to make your visit healthier and more comfortable.

Whether you are away on business or crammed into a hotel room with family and friends, there are ways to make hotel stays healthier and more lifestyle friendly. Here are some easy fixes to make your visit comfortable, easy and healthy.

1. Make sure your room is nonsmoking

If you don’t smoke, the last place you want to lay your head at night is in a smoke infested haven. Ask for a nonsmoking room, verify the hotel room is smoke free and confirm your smokeless reservation. It doesn’t hurt to ask and ask again.

2. Pass on the minibar

If you want to save money and keep your waistline, you may need to pass on the minibar. If you don’t have the self control to prevent yourself from opening the refrigerator and grabbing a snack or drink, just tell the front desk that you will not be using the minibar when checking in. They will keep the key in a safe place, while helping you limit your late night snacking habit.

3. Shed the top cover

Bedspreads from hotel beds are known for being havens for dust mites, or worse. Simply remove the top cover and stash it in the corner of the room. The last thing you need is bed bugs biting at night.

4. Bring your antibacterial wipes

Before vacationing or going away on business, be sure to stock up on disinfectant wipes. When you arrive at the hotel room, disinfect high-use items like the television remote or telephone. You will rid the germs and prevent bacteria or flu-viruses from inhabiting your body.

5. Choose plastic over glass

Rather than reusing glassware in the room, reach for the plastic cups sealed in wrapping. This will avoid others from accidentally using your glass and sharing germs in the hotel room.

6. Make your own nightly noise

Hotel rooms can be noisy, especially when guests arrive down the hall after a night out. Bringing your own portable noisemaker or sound-machine can give you a good night’s sleep that drowns out dreaded hotel noise. Sleep to sounds of raindrops or relaxing ocean waves.

7. Take advantage of the gym

Rather than getting camped in the room, take advantage of exercise opportunities at your disposal. The fitness center, spa, swimming pool or exercise rooms allow you to take part in yoga and other activities that keep your blood pumping. Some hotels even offer exercise classes that can be taken on the premises or nearby.

8. Make note of the exits

In the event of an emergency, it’s important to familiarize yourself with your surroundings. Make note of the exits closest to your room upon arrival and have a mental plan of action should a problem arise. The likelihood of a fire occurring is slim to none, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.