Eat this, not that

By: Oct 02, 2013
Eat this, not that

Decisions, decisions – How to pick the right foods to eat.

Success in life comes down to the decisions we make. A healthy lifestyle is made up of making healthy food choices on a consistent basis. The best food choices are made by informed consumers that know a little something about the foods they eat. Below we take a look at how to make health food choices when faced with difficult decisions.

Hard Cheese versus Soft Cheese
Who doesn’t love cheese? It’s one of the best foods out there. Either way you slice it – cheese ranks right up there with the best. So what type of cheese should you choose when you’ve got an empty stomach and your choice is between a soft or hard cheese. The answer: Soft cheese. It typically has less calories and fat than harder cheeses.

PB&J versus Ham and Cheese
Both sandwiches taste great, but which one is better for you? The answer is – peanut butter and jelly. Peanut butter, especially the natural kind is full of protein and healthy monounsaturated fats. Throw it on some whole wheat bread and add some low sugar jam and you’ve got yourself a very healthy snack. On the other hand, ham and cheese sandwiches are full of sodium and saturated fats. If the ham is of the lunch meat variety, it is also filled with very unhealthy nitrates that are known to increase risk of cancer.

Puffed Rice versus Raisin Bran
Puffed rice is filled with low quality carbohydrates and empty calories. On the other hand, raisin bran has healthy fiber, iron and several other vitamins and nutrients. Make sure to get the natural raisin bran without the added sugar.

Apple Juice versus Orange Juice
And the winner is…orange juice. Why? Orange juice is packed with the antioxidant vitamin C, while apple juice has relatively little vitamins and is naturally higher in sugar. Vitamin C is known to cut the risk of heart disease and other health problems. Try getting a lower calorie natural orange juice for optimal health.

Hamburger versus Hot Dog
You don’t get any more North American than good old fashioned hamburgers and hot dogs. But which one is “healthier?” Health experts say that a hamburger is healthier because it contains essential B vitamins, iron and protein. Hot dogs are filled with nitrates, have less protein and have more saturated fats.

Yogurt versus Applesauce
Yogurt is your better choice because it contains protein and calcium. Applesauce has neither. Greek yogurt is even healthier. It’s packed with muscle building protein and essential vitamins and nutrients.

Red Wine versus White Wine
While both should be consumed in moderation, red wine is healthier as is contains high levels of antioxidants compared to white. Both are similar in calorie content.

Have any other food choices you’d like us to research? Let us know!