Halloween treats: The good, bad and ugly

By: Oct 30, 2013
Halloween treats: The good, bad and ugly

What are the best and worst Halloween treats? We’ve uncovered a few.

Halloween brings out the ghouls, ghosts and savory treats that are horrible for your health. While even nutritional experts don’t want candy completely thrown out of the Halloween equation, there are some treats that may be harmful to your health. What are the best and worst Halloween treats? We’ve uncovered a few.

The Worst Halloween Treats

1. Mini Snickers Bars

Filled with nougat, caramel and chocolate, Snickers is satisfying to the taste buds but according to dentists and nutritionists it is one of the worst Halloween treats a person can consume. The caramel and nougat gets stuck in between the teeth, making it difficult to get out. Cavities are inevitable with a diet high in Snickers.

2. Candy Corn

Adorning a mask all of its own, candy corn is not a vegetable but a sugar and artificial flavoring haven that is anything but healthy. Candy corn contains about 150 calories per ounce and is pure sugar. According to dental experts, consuming such high quantities of sugar can lead to tooth decay.

3. Tootsie Pops

These nostalgic suckers have been around for decades. Everyone loves the prize in the center only achieved after a hundred or more licks. A pediatric dentist from the American Dental Association says that tootsie pops are one of the worst treats for your teeth because of the high amounts of sugar they contain. A better option is a sugar free version of the sucker.

4. Hard Bubble Gum

Another formula made in hell is found in the sugary goodness of hard bubble gum. The candy is high in sugar and calories, making it ghoulish on the teeth. Most kids don’t run to the bathroom to brush their pearly whites following a good chewing and become at risk for cavities and tooth decay.

The Best Halloween Treats 

1. Sugar Free Gum

Don’t want your kids consuming a lot of sugar this Halloween? Keep a bowl of sugar free gum around. This is also a great treat to hand out to the neighborhood kids when they come ‘round your door begging for a treat. Why promote tooth decay, when you can combat it?

2. Starburst

While they may not be perfect, Starburst candies are low in fat and contain only 15 calories each. Instead of handing out an entire pack, break it apart and give away one candy at a time. Keep a bowl of loose candies in a dish for snack time.

3. Granola Bars

Handing out a granola bar won’t get your house hit with toilet paper or eggs late Halloween night if you know which ones to serve. Instead of the all-natural bars, look for bars with a coating of chocolate, caribou chips and a dose of peanut butter. Any granola bar is better than a candy bar. Have fun with the choice and save your kids a trip to the dentist following the October holiday.