Workplace bullies and how to deal with them

By: Oct 04, 2013
Workplace bullies and how to deal with them

How to deal with workplace bullies in the right way so you don't become their next victim.

You might think that bullies are confined to the schoolyard or back of the bus, but ask any of the millions of people who are bullied on the job and they will tell you that bullying in the workplace is alive and well. 

Bullying is a learned behaviour that has probably worked for these people since they were much younger. They are most likely not going to change, so it is up to you to deal with them the right way so you don’t become their next victim. Below we discuss the 5 different types of workplace bullies and how to deal with them.

The Big Bad Boss Bully

Bullies love power. Bosses that bully often love to intimidate their employees by throwing them off guard, putting them on the spot and undermining them in public venues such as meetings.

Experts say the best way to deal with a boss that’s a bully is to never take their comments personally, which is easier said than done. Experts say it is not about the employee doing a bad job; it is more about the boss bully exerting his or her power.

Office Drama Bully

There is always workplace gossip and drama, but the drama bully goes above and beyond the office norm and gains power by always seeming to have the latest office gossip, and being willing to share it. So how do you deal with the gossip bully? Just understand they have no real influence around the office – especially with management.

Aggressive Bully

This type of office bully is one very similar to the schoolyard bully. They are the loudest and most intimidating. This type of bully is confrontational and is typically a male. Their goal is to make you angry or upset. Your best bet is to face them by sticking to the facts and never taking their bait. After you’ve done that, just simply walk away.

The Snitch Bully

This is a difficult type of bully because they act as a snitch behind your back. It often takes time to realize what the snitch bully is up to. Their goal is to make you look bad to others in order to make them look and feel better. The best way to deal with this bully is to have a direct and frequent relationship with your boss. This cuts off the snitch bullies power. And chances are, they will be made to look like a fool because your boss will notice the inconsistencies in their statement.

Jekyll and Hyde Bully

This bully will act like your best friend one minute, then throw you under the bus the next. The Jekyll and Hyde bully is very insecure and will act like your BFF or your worst enemy if it gains him or her power during that specific situation. The best way to deal with this type of bully is to not allow them to be your friend and to shut them down firmly, yet professionally if they try to cut you down in public.

So have you ever had to deal with a workplace bully? What kind of bully were they?