The strangest celebrity beauty secrets

By: Oct 11, 2013
The strangest celebrity beauty secrets

From a kitty litter mask to a ketchup hair treatment, we’ve uncovered some of the oddest celebrity beauty secrets.

Self-indulgent and a little excessive. These are the things we expect from celebrities. But what about their dirty little beauty secrets?

Most celebrities keep their beauty tricks behind lock and key, but we’ve uncovered some of the oddest ways celebrities make themselves pretty. Here are some of the most bizarre tricks – even some you may want to try on your own.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Meets Beer Dousing

Want luxurious locks like Catherine Zeta-Jones? Going to have to reach for the brew daily and apply it to your hair. According to Catherine’s personal stylists, she often shampoos, towel dries and then massages a cupful of beer into her hair strands. The result? Shine and vitality. Any kind of beer will do, but celebs like Zeta-Jones prefer the expensive stuff.

Snooki Meets Kitty Litter

According to Snooki’s friends, the Jersey Shore gal uses clumps of kitty litter to create an exfoliating mask. This is a beauty technique that you may want to skip according to dermatologists and skin experts. The clay-like particles found in kitty litter can actually harm the skin by causing micro scratches. Using plain baking soda and mineral water provides a much safer and less abrasive formula.

Denise Richards Loves Her Avocado

And why not? Organic goodness provided by avocadoes can be used to deep condition your scalp and hair. If you want the food to be even more effective, add a dash of olive oil and massage away. Getting too much on the scalp can promote a greasy look, so go easy on the oil.

Lady Gaga and Her Tape Trick

Lady Gaga has a lot of tricks up her sleeve when it comes to the shock and awe of outfits and personality. But her latest beauty tip should be conducted with caution. Lady Gaga uses tape to remove hard to wash eye makeup and glitter. Sometimes soap won’t do the trick, so something stronger is needed. If you have sensitive skin, you should avoid using tape because redness and irritation may occur.

Sienna Miller’s Ketchup Fix

According to Miller’s camp, the star often uses ketchup to enhance her hair colour and fix the flaws. Most cosmetologists won’t add this to the menu of options for clients, but report that it is a quick fix – it just won’t last.

Lisa Rinna and Her Plumped Up Lips

How does Lisa Rinna achieve that voluptuous and pouty smile? By adding a few drops of cinnamon oil to her array of gloss she uses. You may not achieve Angelina Jolie style proportions, but you can give your lips a little extra pump and luster. The important thing to remember with cinnamon oil is to spot check allergic reactions by applying only to a small patch of skin.