The best and worst foods for energy

By: Nov 06, 2013
The best and worst foods for energy

Want to know which are the best and worst energy foods? Here are some interesting revelations.

You are what you eat. No truer words have been spoken. What you eat can make or break you. You can start the day feeling energized and fizzle out by 10:00 am. Why? Because you ate a food that didn’t promote energy.

The Worst Energy Foods

Doughnuts, muffins and pastries
This one should come as no surprise. Anything high in poor carbohydrates and sugar will eventually make you crash and burn. Want to be energized throughout that morning meeting with your boss? Then you will want to avoid sugar-crash foods, like doughnuts. These high in sugar foods are some of the worst energy producers on the plate.

White bread and toast
A good rule-of-thumb is that the whiter the bread, the worse it is for you. Move over Wonder Bread, and add a whole-grain piece of toast to your breakfast. White bread is full of starch, sugar and carbohydrates that boost the blood sugar way to fast. Within an hour of consumption, you will be left feeling lethargic and run-down. Eat breads that are dark, full of grains and contain seeds. These kinds of breads will also fill your stomach and keep you satiated longer.

Spinach is healthy and filled with rich vitamins, but does it boost energy? Not really. Spinach is not considered a big energy booster. It contains vitamin B and antioxidants that are great for cell protection, but when it comes to energy, it falls a little short. There are no carbs in spinach, even healthy ones, which provide the body with energy. For energy, supplement spinach with egg whites, low-fat cheese and fruit and you’ll be feeling energetic in no time.

The Best Energy Foods

Greek yogurt
Here’s a surprising discovery. Greek yogurt is high in protein and contains a great combination of carbs and fat. The Greek yogurt recipe is ideal for energy and keeps you satiated for hours. You won’t have a burst of energy after eating a Greek yogurt breakfast, but you will gain a sustained charge that leaves you alert, focused and energetic.

Another energy-inducing favourite food is quinoa. Quinoa is the Holy Grail of energy producing foods. Quinoa contains fiber, healthy fats and loads of protein, making it one of the best energy foods available. It is also highly satiating and keeps your tummy full a lot longer than cereal, breads or other common breakfast foods.

The key to finding energy rich foods is to use common sense. Foods that are high in sugar yield a low energy ratio and will have you crashing and burning by lunch. Stick to natural foods that are high in protein, contain healthy carbs and no sugar.