How to make your hair colour last between dyes

By: Nov 22, 2013
How to make your hair colour last between dyes

Here are a few tips to help stretch out the colouring sessions.

Hair colour is important for a woman. It can brighten your eyes and take years off your face. Hair colouring can also be costly; requiring frequent touch-ups and highlights every few weeks.

Whether you do it yourself or have your hair done professionally, here are a few tips to help stretch out the colouring sessions.

Before You Colour

Tip #1
Always use a clarifying shampoo the day before your hair dye appointment. The stronger ingredients and detergents will actually break down the buildup and strip it from your hair. When excess product is removed, the colour is free to penetrate deeper and last much longer than normal.

Tip #2
Be selective on the types of colour you choose. Instead of red tones that wash away quickly, choose fade-resistant colours, like various shades of blonde or brown. Red dyes contain smaller molecules that escape the hair during washes. With each shampoo there are molecules lost and the dye actually washes out.

Tip #3
If using your own dye, be picky about the right formula. Quality dyes are available in the stores, but if you aren’t sure what would be best for your hair, ask someone to help you. If you want a permanent color change, don’t purchase hair
dyes that rinse out, but those that fade over time. Highlights are another option and can be performed at home. They won’t present an obvious line where the dye took hold, but will offer a flawless coverage.

After You Colour

Tip #4
It is recommended by professionals that you not shampoo for 48 hours after your hair has been colour-treated. The molecules in the dye need time to set into the follicles of your hair. If you must shower within the day, be sure to wear a shower cap and avoid shampoo at all costs.

Tip #5
Want to make your colour last? It’s all in how you blow-dry your hair. Use an ionic blow dryer that generates negative ions, rather than the harsh positive ones that cause your hair to frizz. Low heat can cut the dulling time and allow your hair to stay bright in colour much longer. Some of the better hair-dryers actually contain tourmaline, which prevents hair dulling when drying. The hair dryers are a bit more expensive, but may save you money in the long run.

Tip #6
Use a conditioning mask weekly. Adding hydration to your hair actually strengthens the strands and makes them less likely to break and damage. A weekly conditioning mask not only keeps your hair healthy but leaves it with a smooth surface that is light-reflecting. The smooth look makes your hair appear more lively and vibrant.