How bacon impacts male fertility

By: Dec 02, 2013
How bacon impacts male fertility

Research has shown that a full of processed meats such as bacon affect male fertility.

All right ladies, you may want your man to bring home the bacon, but you don’t want him to eat it – especially if you’re trying to get pregnant. A new study conducted by researchers at the Harvard University of Public Health found that just one strip of bacon can lower a man’s sperm count and quality.

While bacon, and meat in general, is considered "manly", the facts are conclusive that it’s just the opposite. Research has shown that a full of processed meats such as bacon affect male fertility.

The Harvard study examined the diets of nearly 160 men who were having trouble conceiving with their partner. The researchers found that men who consumed processed meat (bacon) had lower sperm counts. And we’re not talking an entire slab either. Just one slice had a dramatic impact.

It makes sense that greasy strips of bacon would have an adverse affect on male fertility. Bacon is already known for its link to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cancer. Not only is it full of saturated fats and sodium, it’s loaded with nitrates, which have been linked to nearly every form of cancer including colorectral. Nitrates are so unhealthy that avoiding them is one of the top ways to reduce cancer risk according to the American Institute of Cancer Research.

Next time you’re at the local grocery store you and your guy may want to avoid the bacon aisle and pick up some fresh fish instead.

Researchers still do not know exactly why processed meats lower sperm count and quality, but it is clear there is a link. Other culprits include sausage, lunch meat, Spam and ham, but bacon seems to be the primary offender.

The study found that men who ate less than one slice of bacon per day, compared to those who ate the equivalent of one slice or more, had thirty percent more normalized sperm than their bacon-eating counterparts.

So now that you know bacon is a sperm-killer, what foods should you be telling your man to eat? The answer is fish. How ironic is that? His little guys will swim better by eating food that specializes in swimming. The same researchers, along with the overall scientific community, have long known that a diet rich in fresh fish is associated with higher quality sperm.

If you and your mate are having fertility problems you may want to determine if he’s eating bacon on a consistent basis. In addition, it’s best to see a fertility specialist – especially if you have been unsuccessfully trying for many months.

Are you concerned bacon may be affecting your partner’s fertility?