Top 7 Christmas issues and quick fixes

By: Dec 06, 2013
Top 7 Christmas issues and quick fixes

From family stress to finances we've got easy fixes for your biggest holiday stressors.

A recent study revealed that 40% of people are more stressed out around the holidays. And chances are the other 60% are just in denial or too proud to admit it. If you’re stressed out about the holidays and want to know how to fix it – read on to discover the top 7 Christmas day stressors and how to fix them.

1. Family Stress
In the movie Four Christmases Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon avoid holiday family gatherings by booking vacations to exotic locales. Many of us have had those same thoughts, but it’s just not an option to do so every year. Families are rife with weird dynamics, past hurts, grudges, strange personalities and more. So what do you do?

Christmas morning is probably not the time to pull your crazy Aunt Sally aside and tell her what’s on your mind. The best thing to do is communicate with the person or people prior to the family gathering and have an honest conversation. If you don’t think that will work, it’s best to set a specific time limit that you plan on staying at the family gathering and adhere to it. Or be like Reese and Vince and book a trip to the Bahamas.

2. Finances
Some people feel the stress of having to play Santa Clause and buying gifts for way too many people. What happens is the person typically goes into way too much debt and spends the rest of the year stressed out because of maxed out credit cards. To fix this issues set a budget and deduct small amounts out of each check. You could also recommend a gift exchange too. You’re probably not the only one in your family feeling the pressure so chances are people would jump at the chance of not having to buy so many presents.

3. Holiday Shopping
You’re stuck in line behind a crazy lady body slamming everyone in sight to get the hottest Elmo toy for her bratty two year old and you’re about to snap. If you want to avoid that scenario this year you’re in luck. Fortunately there’s a nifty invention known as the Internet, which allows you to buy all of your gifts from the comfort of your own home.

4. Holiday Travel
The number one way to mitigate holiday travel stress is planning ahead. Do everything early. That includes buying plane tickets, booking hotel rooms and mapping out your route if you’re driving.

5. Too Many Activities
Holiday office parties, shopping, cooking, travel, etc. And that’s in addition to everything else you have to do. It’s easy to get caught up into a whirlwind of activities that will have your head spinning. The quick fix: just say no. It used to be an anti-drug campaign slogan, but now it’s your holiday mantra. Keep commitments to a minimum by using the power of “no.”

6. Overeating
The average American gains 11 pounds over the holiday season. This is due to all the goodies around the house and the office in addition to the added stress, which can cause you to stress-eat. It’s a viscous cycle. Instead of trying to abstain, use moderation when eating. You could even get your partner or spouse to partner with you on a commitment to no overeat.

7. Holiday Planning
See number 5. If that doesn’t work, try delegating and getting the whole family involved in planning. If you want to get really high-tech, there are websites out there where you can hire a party planner for an amount that won’t kill your budget.

What stresses you out around the holidays?