7 New Year resolutions that will leave you positive and stress free

By: Dec 27, 2013
7 New Year resolutions that will leave you positive and stress free

Positive resolutions that focus on the bigger picture.

New year resolutions cause harm if, like most people, they are not fulfilled. Everyone has good intentions, but not all come to fruition. If you are sick and tired of setting goals for the New Year and not achieving them, maybe it’s time to examine the goals. You may need to focus on the bigger picture.

Approach New Year resolutions with realism, rather than while wearing rose-coloured spectacles. Stay positive, but be mindful of different approaches and ways to achieve your preset goals. Here are some positive resolutions that will leave you stress and worry free.

1. Resolve to avoid drama

Ridding yourself of drama is proactive. Negative situations can cause a lot of stress and if you go searching for them willingly, you will be left upset and full of worry. Avoid drama at all costs.

2. Resolve to treat people the way you would like to be treated

Thinking about treating others the way you would like to be treated is a quick reminder to be kind to one another. Treating others with respect may get you the respect you would like to receive.

3. Resolve to be thankful for what you have

Rather than looking at the glass half empty, see it full. Be thankful and grateful for what you have. Sometimes it’s as simple as being thankful for your health and loved ones. Resolve this year to a year of thankfulness.

4. Resolve to have a forgiving heart

Rather than holding grudges, especially over the holidays, resolve to be accepting and forgiving. Everyone makes mistakes, some bigger than others. But if we hold onto the grudges, everyone involved becomes a victim. Why stunt creativity, love and trust all for the sake of holding onto a mistake.

5. Resolve to be positive

Being positive is not as easy as it sounds; it takes hard work, but can be done. Be sure to surround yourself with positive people, because misery loves company. Avoid negative people or triggers that can prompt a sour outlook on life.

6. Resolve to be giving

Therapists and psychologist agree that giving is the quickest way to happiness. Resolve to get outside yourself and take part in giving. This may be volunteer work or community outreach. Whatever method you choose, stick with it, and you will be the one receiving benefit.

7. Resolve to cancel arguments and assumptions

Many people find themselves in family arguments and problems because they are not open. Assumptions arise and families fight. Instead of making snap judgments, step back and look at the situation from a clear perspective. Make sure you know what is happening before jumping to conclusions. Think with your heart and head. This will leave you with the ability to cancel arguments rather than making assumptions.