Modern twists on cold and flu remedies

By: Jan 06, 2014
Modern twists on cold and flu remedies

Below are traditional cold remedies with modern updates for the best results.

Old-fashioned advice to combatting the cold and flu bugs included our grandmothers cooking up a pot of chicken soup or offering a hot cup of water mixed with lemon and honey. Today there’s a new twist on the advice of old.

1. Grandmother’s advice – Drink your orange juice
Decades ago, one of the first things a mother or grandmother would offer their child when sick was a tall glass of orange juice. There is nothing wrong with drinking orange juice, but it does contain an awful lot of sugar. The healthy and modern alternative to drinking OJ is taking vitamin C as a supplement.

2. Grandmother’s advice – Adorn your neck in garlic
Wearing a garlic clove necklace is definitely old-fashioned and most people today would not even think of adding this accessory to their wardrobe. Today, a more practical approach is to add eucalyptus drops to a humidifier or pot of boiling water instead of wearing a stinky necklace. The eucalyptus not only smells better but does wonders for the bronchial tubes.

3. Grandmother’s advice – Boil the chicken bones
When a person was sick in the old-days, a large pot of chicken soup was usually boiling on the stove. Chicken or beef bones were boiled for hours so that all of the minerals would leach from the bones and into the soup. Today, most people don’t have the time or energy to prepare this kind of soup. Instead, pop a can of chicken broth into the microwave and add a dash of ginger, garlic, or cayenne pepper. The broth warms up the body and may make you feel a little bit better.

4. Grandmother’s advice – Apply a cool cloth
When children came down with a fever, a cool cloth was usually applied to the forehead to decrease the temperature. Cool cloths on the forehead were also applied when a person had a headache or weren’t able to sleep. Today an over-the-counter pain reliever does the job. Ibuprofen may be taken to reduce body aches and a fever, ensuring a good night’s sleep when you don’t feel well. Rather than getting your pillow wet, take advantage of modern medicine.

5. Grandmother’s advice – Drink ginger ale or 7-Up
For an upset stomach, fizzy ginger ale was usually administered. The soda is high in sugar and fructose. A healthier and more modern remedy is to sip on ginger tea. Add a dash of lemon and a spoonful of honey, or even a pinch of cayenne pepper to the tea and sit back and enjoy the anti-flu remedy. The pepper will work wonders on the sinuses.