3 Things in your food you should never eat

By: Jan 22, 2014
3 Things in your food you should never eat

You will be surprised to find out that there are hazardous chemicals in your food that can harm you.

If you are not aware of which ingredients should be avoided, you could be putting your family and yourself at risk. Here are the three things in your food you should never eat.

Acrylamide is a strong carcinogen that originates organically in carbohydrate rich foods that are cooked at high temperatures (in excess of 248 degrees). Acrylamide is a harmful product that was discovered just over a decade ago. Since then, the product has been recognized by the Joint Food and Agriculture Organization as a harmful food that should be avoided. There is lobbying to date that is trying to limit the product completely.

In order to avoid the consumption of acrylamide, you should not eat starchy foods that are highly processed. Bread should be toasted lightly and raw potatoes should be microwaved for about thirty seconds before cooking, so that the acrylamide levels may be slashed in half.

The only way to truly avoid the product is to eliminate the consumption of highly processed starchy foods. Thankfully the World Health Organization is focusing on limiting acrylamide and ridding it from our foods. Organic breads and potatoes may still contain slight traces of the harmful product, but are better than the alternative.

Nonorganic meats and poultry may contain antibiotics. Too many bacteria strains are resistant to antibiotic drugs because of the consumption of antibiotics in various foods, such as meats. Nearly 80% of antibiotics administered in the U.S.A. are for animal feed for farm animals. Nonorganic farm animals are being fed antibiotics. The result of feeding animals antibiotics results in problematic strains of bacteria that are impossible to combat.

The good news is that the FDA is lobbying to rid antibiotics from being added to farm animal feed. Low-dose antibiotics are being added, but there is still exposure that is not necessary.

To avoid consuming antibiotics, choose your meats and eggs carefully. Eat only organic dairy, eggs, and meats. Some containers inform consumers that the product is antibiotic-free.

Arsenic is a well-known carcinogen that the FDA moved to ban from the grocery store shelves. This carcinogen spends animal growth and is often found in poultry. Many poultry producers have not heeded to the warnings that they will be fined for including arsenic in their meat and the grocery store shelves are packed full of this dangerous food additive.

Arsenic is particularly harmful to children, babies, and growing fetuses. The only way to avoid the chemical is to rinse your brown rice and avoid other products you suspect contain the additive. Eating organic chicken and other poultries help.